El Segundo – first impressions of the Hut

When you are a student getting tutored, you want to be in a relaxed environment where you
can learn and have fun at the same time and the newly remodeled El Segundo Study Hut does just that.  Here at the Study Hut, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment where students are happy to get tutored, though also be motivated to study and do well. Our Study Hut in El Segundo has numerous rooms, each that have a relaxed beach feeling to them, and we hope that students can feel that relaxed vibe when they enter the study Hut.

When I walked into the Study Hut today for the first time, my attitude completely changed when I walked inside. As I was driving here, I was distracted and had a lot on my mind, though once I got to the Study Hut in El Segundo I became very relaxed and focused. The Study Hut is very organized, and it is not busy or overcrowded. The colors definitely helped me feel focused, since the colors on the walls are not overwhelming or distracting.

From the surfboards and the wood floors, to the bamboo and calming pictures on the wall, the
Study Hut has a great balance to it. As you look around the Study Hut, you will realize that the walls are painted different shades of green, which balances well with the bamboo and the wood floors. This Study Hut in particular has a very homey feeling, seeing as how it’s actually a living complex, with a full bathroom and that’s why it has many different rooms.

This Study Hut is usually quiet, since not many students are here at the same time.


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