New El Segundo up and running!

May 3rd, 2012

The renovations at Study Hut Tutoring in El Segundo have been amazing. The Hut is completely transformed, and based on early polling, this is the coolest looking Hut ever! We have a full side yard, definitely big enough for the tutors’ end-of-the-year BBQ 😉

So what kind of renovations have we been doing? Everything from opening up a new lobby and expanded tutoring space in the back, to new plants, paintings, wallpaper, and more. This is going to mean more space for students and tutors to spread out, and will ultimately lead to a more intimate, productive tutoring environment.

Have you been to the best tutoring location in the South Bay? Do you need help with math tutoring, English tutoring, or perhaps another subject that has been plaguing you? Don’t let the difficult curriculum at ESHS or other local schools keep you from achieving your goals. Study Hut is hear to help!

SP makin it rain green

Study Hut Bake Sale

April 10th, 2012

It’s that time of year everyone. That’s right, it’s the first ever STUDY HUT BAKE SALE. This week and next week the Manhattan Beach Study Hut is having their very first bake sale. Why sell baked goods at a tutoring center you might ask? Well, lucky for us, our manager Sam is the co-chair for this year’s Relay For Life, and Study Hut is doing everything we can to help raise money! We have three different days that people are going to bring in baked goods. We have even decided to turn it into a competition where the kids vote on which tutor baked the best dessert! All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Every year, the American Cancer Society has a Relay for life to help raise money for research and programs. People form teams that support a particular type of cancer, and walk for 24 hours. Each team tries to keep one member on the track at all times. This represents the struggle of a cancer patient : as the day goes on you get more and more tired, and at one point reach a moment where you think you can’t continue. All you can do is have faith in the next day. The fatigue that comes with walking for 24 hours is supposed to be a representation of this message. Personally I am excited that I can experience this event with my coworkers. It will be a very new experience that will bring us closer together while at the same time supporting a wonderful cause. As for the bake sale, I am amped up to not only raise money but to win the competition! So if you are feeling up to supporting a great cause, come into study hut this Wednesday (4/11), Thursday (4/12) and Monday (4/16)!

Manhattan Beach Tutoring: On and Off the dance floor

April 9th, 2012

Study Hut is the best place to work for so many reasons. I could go on and on forever about my passion for tutoring and how much I love our big fridge, but what I really want to talk about is the murder mystery party we recently threw. We each were assigned a character and I was naturally Baroness. We all got packets telling us who we were, how to act, and who we hated. Naturally, I hated everyone. I had a great time dressing in a mink coat and talking in an accent that was meant to be British but sounded Chinese. We transformed our little study hut into a full on speak easy with dim lights and fancy shmancy drinks. Here at Study Hut, we all love each other very dearly, which in my opinion gets a little old. I was nice to be able to finally express my true feelings which are that I can’t wait to kill Roxanne, I hate Rob’s guts, and that Kady (my daughter) is suuuuper annoying. Despite my efforts to kill Roxanne, I somehow ended up dying from an ice pick…never thought that would be how I would go. Our manager Sam did an amazing job planning the party (as usual), and really brought the group together (to kill each other). It was nice to finally meet some of the people from the Redondo Study Hut. The manager from Hut 2 even ended up playing my husband! His character was professor Nutella, which couldn’t be more suiting for me (Nutella=heaven). Despite myself (The one and only Baroness) wanting to kill every person that I work with, by the end of the night I found myself feeling even closer to my co-workers than I did before. It’s just one more reason why Study Hut is the best place I have ever worked.

New tutor observations

April 5th, 2012

I walked into Study Hut in Manhattan Beach not knowing what to expect as a new tutor going from private in-home tutoring to this local tutoring center. What I found was a team of outgoing, energetic, friendly, and intelligent tutors who loved what they do and did it very well! This was inspiring and exciting because they instantly accepted me into their Study Hut family and made a comfortable environment with all the resources I needed to tutor my students well. I was also welcomed by the home-like setting with comfortable chairs, big tables, art on the walls, and beach-y décor. I found that all the tutors have the same strive and determination to help and see their students grow to achieve their academic goals. It is as important to us tutors that all of our students pass their classes, stay organized, and reach their maximum potential. The one student to one tutor ratio really helped me connect with my students and learn a lot about what their hobbies, likes/dislikes, learning style, and most importantly what their goals are. I met many students from schools across the Manhattan School District and found that they all enjoyed their time spent here. I can tell that they really feel comfortable here as some students reach for candy in the drawer, pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and chat with other tutors and students. The tutors can really relate to the students because sometimes the tutors had the same high school teachers as the students have now. It’s interesting hearing how through the years the teacher is still doing the same assignments and field trips. Study Hut really provides an amazing learning experience for their students and we love to cheer our students on as they continue to succeed.

Valentine’s Day at Study Hut Tutoring

February 14th, 2012

Valentines Day spirit is in the air at Manhattan Beach Study Hut! We are THE place to be V-day. For one, we have the best manager ever who made us all cookies with our names on them. We also each get a list of V-day topics to talk about with our kids. We ask questions like “who is your celebrity crush?” and “what is your favorite kind of chocolate?” to keep the kids engaged and not as bummed about doing homework on a holiday. The drawer full of candy also adds to the valentines spirit. …although this is year around. For me, everyday at the Study hut is like Valentines Day because I love the people I work with and care deeply about all of the kids I tutor. Also, we have a lot of baked goods here all of the time so it adds to the mood.
Our goal is to turn studying, something that is usually somewhat painful, into something fun and exciting. All of our tutors our able to accomplish this because we all have a passion for learning and for helping others. I think that this is exemplified on a day like today where love and compassion are in the air. All of us tutors try and stay connected and get together outside of work to keep a united spirit. In a couple of weeks we are going to have a girls night, and we just got done with doing a really fun murder mystery party. Having close relationships at work is important because it allows us to work as a team when tutoring. When I’m not sure of a science question, it’s nice to feel comfortable turning to Roxy and asking her help on a question. So while the cookies and candy definitely create a great Valentines mood, it’s the love and compassion that our tutors have that really make Study hut a Valentines Day everyday.

AVID working through summer

July 6th, 2011

SP here. I am really looking forward to my lunch meeting today with all of the rad teachers from the Palos Verdes High School AVID program. Each year during the summer, these awesome teachers (Egan, Whalen, Morales) get together to reflect on the past year. They ask questions like:

What went right?

What could we have done better?

What activities to we need to make more room for?

Which activities and ideas could be eliminated all together?

Certainly the questions and ideas that get bounced around go
much more in depth than these “Level 1” questions (some students are snickering at this), but in actuality, sometimes it is just this casual approach that gets us to the gems.

We are all working together to make sure that the AVID experience is excellent for all students at all levels. We need to make sure that we are meeting the statewide expectations for the program and the curriculum, and we also need to make sure that the goals we set for the students are achieved, and that the activities we decide on and the curriculum we endorse has a direct, positive impact on those goals. Most importantly, we are all looking forward to another amazing AVID year come Fall.

Tutor team bonding means better tutoring

June 16th, 2011

I’ve been a member of the Study Hut team for many years and we do many exciting events, get-
togethers and soirees that help to enhance the overall experience at the Hut. Over the years I remember
several different bonding experiences that aid in the development of relationships at the Hut which
in turn increases students and faculty overall moral. Tie day, Hat day, Ugly sweatshirt parties, Cinco
de Mayo extravaganzas and Cancer walks are just some of the things we do at the Hut to increase the
dynamics and overall flow in the Study Hut community.

All of this interaction allows us to develop the appropriate environment we wish to have at
the Study Hut. We attempt to make the environment at our locations loquacious and positive thus
inundating the students with the vibes necessary for an appropriate learning environment. I happen
to also work at the Sylvan Learning Center once or twice a week and they lack in this area because
the environment at the location I work at is monotonous and mundane which makes learning less
appetizing for all students. They claim that Sylvan is boring and students dislike attending their tutoring
appointments which is far different from the reactions we get at the Hut. We feel that allowing the
tutors and students the chance to interact inside and outside the tutoring environment helps to
separate us from the other corporate tutoring centers.

Study Hut tutors and students tend to get along really well and all of the activities and fun things
we do really help to solidify these relationships. I have become friends with some of the students I’ve
tutored over the years and one in particular I can think of I’ve been tutoring for over four years and
helped him recently get into The University of Arizona and we’re stoked about his accomplishments!

Quality People Make Quality Tutors: Volunteering for Relay for Life

May 20th, 2011

Here at Study Hut Tutoring in Manhattan Beach, we’re more than just good tutors: we pride ourselves on being good human beings! After all, the same qualities that make a good teacher–passion, care, dedication, responsibility–also make a good person. That’s why I thought it was perfectly fitting that Study Hut participated in and had a team at last Saturday’s Relay for Life event in Manhattan Beach.

It was truly impressive to see my coworkers stay late and long after work in order to plan out team activities, and even more admirable to see them put in all the extra hours needed to fundraise for the American Cancer Society. After a long day of leading SAT prep, correcting Chemistry and Trig problems, and editing students’ essays, a box of whole grain crackers and a jar of natural peanut butter practically beg you to their side; however, my fellow tutors met up at 10 PM to figure out how we could raise money for such a worthy cause, and then took their usual day off to put on a car wash at Mira Costa High School. I was so proud of them for working to make a difference!

Because here at Study Hut, we are well-versed in the science of cancer: we pride ourselves on knowing and teaching biology, AP Chemistry, psychology, and anatomy. But we cannot know or explain the actual experience of having cancer. Instead, we can come together to support our community, whether in Manhattan Beach, the greater Southbay, or the nation as a whole, of cancer survivors and help fund research that will ease or prevent future suffering. I’m glad Study Hut got the chance to prove that it doesn’t just have the best tutors–it has the best people!

Study Hut Tutoring Car Wash Fundraiser

May 1st, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring, led by Sam Prins and Whitney Griffin, gave a sudsy high five to participating students, parents and members of the community this past Friday during the Study Hut’s first ever Fundraising Car Wash for Relay for Life. Study Hut has a team this year aptly dubbed “I’m Too Sexy for My Hut.” The team has been putting together impromptu philanthropic events in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The Study Hut team is proud to donate to the American Cancer Society because we all know someone that has been affected by cancer. What a better way than to throw a car wash the week of: “People were really fired up and stoked…one lady tipped us 20 bucks and that really gave us a lot of energy to go out and wash more cars on a sunny day to raise money for Study Hut Tutoring’s Relay for Life team.” Exclaimed as jazzed up and freshly misted Study Hut friend of the family Natalie “the blond” (From far away, the mist from the water bouncing off the hood of the car created almost a Golden shower with her blonde hair)  “How can you not love Tutoring at Study Hut, raising money for Study Hut’s Relay for life Team, and having a great day in the Sun?!” Each tutor was more fired up than the next as each of the tutor team members meticulously scrubbed a quarter panel. “The Team effort at Study Hut is sensational today…you can easily tell that the tutors like working here when they are coming to pitch in on their day off.” The tutors at Study Hut are working diligently on and off the dance floor, arriving early and staying late, because it’s clear that not only is that a motto at the Manhattan Beach Study Hut, but a lifestyle. When asked about this cool style of dominating at work, John Lopatto, future opthomolgist, declared, “Well when the kids need it, and you can tell when they’ve got it [understanding of material/concept], it’s easier to feel like you’re on fire [figuratively speaking] in the next part of my day, no matter what it is that I have planned in my planner.” John is obviously “on fire” as his students have steadily improved and are tracking towards meeting their goals. When Sam Prins was questioned by Rob regarding the Car Wash, Sam quickly retorted, “Rob, I’ve got this… They don’t call me the Party Secretary for Nuthin'” Best quote ever by the way. Study Hut is carrying this positive energy right into the tournament a.k.a. the school week and the first week of May. Congratulations and Thank You to all the tutors who participated in the Study Hut Tutoring Relay for Life Fundraiser Car Wash. Thank you for using compostable and environmentally approved degradable car soaps. Pretty sure my car has never looked better.

Study Hut Tutoring: Making the team stronger

April 3rd, 2011

My favorite part of tutoring at Study Hut is working with the students. However, my second favorite thing is working with the other tutors. Knowledge and experience is integral to the job, but Rob and Sean only hire people who are friendly, positive, and play well with others. This is good for our students, but it’s also good for us – the same traits that make us good tutors also make us good friends and coworkers.

Once a week we all try to meet after work to play a few hands of poker. It’s a fun time with nice people, and some of these guys are pretty good at it, too. All that work that goes into teaching AP probabilities and statistics apparently lends itself really well to counting odds on the fly.

After awhile, we’re not just playing cards with our coworkers; we’re playing cards with our friends. And that means that we’re going to work with our friends, too. All this adds up to a learning environment that is vibrant, fun, and full of people who know and trust each other. We know implicitly that we can rely on one another to pick up the slack when needed, and together deal with the most challenging problems any school can possibly throw at us.