MBMS Study Skills

August 22nd, 2018

Are you interested in signing up for MBMS Study Skills afters school program?

MBMS Study Skills sign-ups are already underway for the 2018-2019 school year.  For the 4th consecutive year, Study Hut Tutoring and the MBMS PTA have partnered to deliver 3 -1hr sessions, after school in room 109.  The sessions are separated by grade level.  Each grade level meets from 3-4pm for three consecutive weeks on the same day each week.  Below you will find the 8th, 7th grade flier, and the 6th grade flier, respectively.

MBMS Study skills 8thMBMS Study Skills 7th MBMS Study Skills 6th

To sign up for the 2018-2019 MBMS Study Skills program, you can go to studyhut.com/mbmsstudyskills or call (310)546-2408 or email studyskills@studyhut.com

You’ll notice that the sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable with no-makeups.  Sign-ups for the MBMS Study Skills program are on a first come first serve basis, and space is limited to 30 students per grade level.

Based on the popularity of the program in previous years, it is strongly advised that parents sign up quickly to reserve their spot.  The price is $125 and includes all materials.  The group program is led by one of the owners of Study Hut Tutoring, on campus, in room 109 at the Manhattan Beach Middle School.  Topics will include the big picture, which includes goal setting, class expectations, and a school timeline.  We will also cover how to effectively track and record homework, tests, quizzes and due dates in the daily planner.  Moreover, we will dive into how to create an effective 5 day study plan for each of the core academic classes.

The keys to developing effective study skills go beyond tools and tasks.  It is important that the student is not only persistent but also adapts to feedback from educators that are trying to help.   A big part of developing effective study skills is to block out times on the days leading up to an exam or a quiz.  Brain science has told us a lot about the power of bite size nuggets of information sprinkled in each day, with good nights of sleep in between.  For more information, please call Study Hut for a free consultation–there is no obligation to sign up–we want to clue people in with respect to the most effective methods to execute your student’s specific goals.  After all, this process is both highly personal, individualized, and tailored based on a number of unique factors.