El Segundo Finals Tutoring

December 5th, 2016

El Segundo Finals Tutoring at its finest.  Study Hut offers one-on-one tutoring to help you succeed on test day.  Often times, your finals are worth 25% of your final grade.  It is worth it to study ahead of time in order to prep for these big exams.  If you are looking for El Segundo finals tutoring, you have come to right place.  Our tutors specialize by subject and we are familiar with the expectations of your teachers.  

El Segundo Finals tutoring

Come to Study Hut El Segundo for top-notch service in order to make a plan and study your weakest chapters first!

Finals Survival Guide

Finals are coming! They will be here sooner than you think—thankfully, Study Hut El Segundo tutors know all the tricks to surviving these oh-so-important tests.


Got a half-hour break between class and volleyball? Read those chapters you’ve been sparknoting all semester.


Don’t just read your notes. Write down lessons that were a little more difficult in your own words, make flashcards, and quiz yourself.


Ask your teacher if you and a few classmates can use their classroom during lunch, before school, or after school once a week to go over lessons. If you guys get stuck, BOOM, ask your teacher right away.


It’s far into the semester and you are still SO LOST. Don’t give up—get a tutor. A breakdown of foundational concepts can be the difference between passing and failing the exam.  


This is not the time to cram in material. But you know this already, right?

If you have any specific questions or you’re eager to begin making a plan for finals, please email alex@studyhut.com or call 310-648-8526

El Segundo Finals Tutoring books up quickly so please call now to reserve your spot.

El Segundo Spanish Tutor

April 14th, 2016

¿Que onda, guey? Basked in the warm golden sunlight of Alta California lies Study Hut, El Segundo. If you are seeking a professional El Segundo Spanish tutor, look no further. Study Hut offers one-on-one Spanish tutoring to break down and simplify the complex concepts that students will encounter as they take on their Spanish course, be it introductory or AP (advanced placement).

El Segundo Spanish Tutor

Learning a foreign language can seem a formidable task, but it is indeed a conquerable undertaking, and the route is without a doubt smoother with the assistance of a professional tutor. Study Hut will provide a highly qualified El Segundo Spanish tutor to assist students in their grasping of concepts such as: vocabulary, verb conjugation, the subjunctive mood, and comprehension. Additionally, we are able to assist students with engaged speaking and listening practice, translating their efforts and studies into real-life application.

Becoming proficient in a new language requires time, effort, practice, and, perhaps most importantly, engaged exposure. Having the resource of a personal Spanish-speaking tutor allows students to enhance their understanding of Spanish, and achieve a higher level of success in the classroom.

El Segundo Spanish Tutor

Thinking ahead, students who complete the AP Spanish course and test during their high school career will enter college ahead of the pack and with less of a burden of completing foreign language units. In addition to this, students who are confident in Spanish will be more open and apt to seeking out opportunities to study abroad while in college.

Whether your student is striving to hit that 5 on the AP test, or pushing for an “A” in an introductory class, Study Hut in El Segundo is ready to provide the tutoring that you need.

El Segundo ACT Tutoring

December 8th, 2015

With the upcoming ACT test, it’s a good time to start studying! The ACT is an overarching and comprehensive exam that often requires a more tailored approach to studying. Sometimes, going through the review book on your own is just not cutting it. If this describes you, look no further than El Segundo Study Hut! We have several different ACT packages to suit any student’s needs.

El Segundo ACT Tutoring

El Segundo ACT tutoring offers tutoring packed with beneficial study material and highly experienced and qualified tutors. Every package comes with at least 3 proctored practice tests. However, each package varies depending on how many total hours of work as well as preference for one-on-one or small group tutoring. Furthermore, it comes with customized homework for the student to complete in order to reinforce study material. Through this catered package, any problem areas can be assessed quickly and efficiently in order for the student to solidify outstanding ACT scores. Also, students will be given online video solutions for independent study (great for visual learners!). Beyond the supplemental material, El Segundo ACT tutoring employs passionate and knowledgeable tutors who aim to help your child boost his or her ACT scores. Any problems your child may face with the ACT can be solved by our exceptional staff.

Before we can accommodate your child’s needs, just bring them in to take an ACT diagnostic test. Using detailed analytics, we will promptly create a package geared toward fortifying your child’s area of weakness in order to get the best results as efficiently as possible.

El Segundo ACT Tutoring

If you’re interested in El Segundo ACT Tutoring, simply send us an email or give us a call at (310) 648-8526 to set up an appointment. Our team at El Segundo Study Hut is looking forward and committed to helping your child achieve his or her ACT goals!

The Twelve Days of Mathmas: Twelve Ways to Improve Your Math Grade

December 6th, 2015

At Study Hut, our local experts will help you improve your grades as well as your study habits. Here are tips from a El Segundo Math Tutor to improve your math grade.


  1. Do the homework carefully
    Homework is an excuse to get really good at the work before you’re tested on it. If you rush through it, you’re wasting your time! Work through each problem carefully and check the answers to make sure you know what’s what.
  2. Do extra problems
    If you’re only assigned the odds, do the evens! This will save you from cramming and/or bombing the test.
  3. Write down the ‘warm up’ or ‘practice’ problems your teacher puts on the board
    If you’re teacher takes the time to go through it, this problem or something like it will probably appear on the test!
  4. Write out the steps to a problem: “Teach the Alien” Style
    This means you should explain each step in excruciating detail-as if you were teaching an creature from another planet who has never heard of geometry.
  5. Teach your mom how to do a particularly tough problem
    It is scientifically proven that the best way to learn something is to teach it. This is called the protégé effect. 
  6. Color code your notes
    For example, highlight the change in each step!
  7. Make a cheat sheet-and COLOR CODE it (even if you don’t get to use it on the test)
    This is a great way to review and identify the key concepts.
  8. Complete the study guide at least two days before the test
    This way if you’re confused, you have time to figure it out!
  9. Keep those cheat sheets and study guides
    They will be your main study material for the final!
  10. Study your old quizzes and tests
    Do this both for the practice problems and to figure out what type of questions your teacher uses: are they straight from the book? are they from the homework? were they done in class?
  11. Ask for help
    If you aren’t sure how to do it or only kind of understand, go to your teacher before or after school (added bonus: the face time shows that you’re putting in extra effort, which never hurts.)
  12. Come to Study Hut!
    Our college-educated tutors are well versed in all levels of math, from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus. If you’re having trouble, a one-on-one session tailored to your needs with an attentive tutor could be the key to improve your math grade.

Improve Your Math Grade!

Contact us today to find the tutor that’s right for you!

On the first day of Mathmas my true love gave to me: a ticket to the Hut of Study…

El Segundo Chemistry Tutors Love Bond(s)

November 22nd, 2015

The name’s bond, ionic bond.

El Segundo Chemistry tutors-bond

In the spirit of the latest 007 movie, Study Hut wants to talk about bonds. El Segundo Chemistry tutors have been talking bonds a lot lately with their chemistry students. In chemistry, there are two main types of bonds that you will run into (none of them named James!) and they are very different!

Covalent bonds

  1. Share the desired electron(s)-This means that the electron spends its time in the shells of both atoms in the bond
El Segundo Chemistry tutors - covalent bond; http://www.docsity.com/en/news/education-2/types-chemical-bonding-presented-gifs/

Click image for animation.

  1. This sharing can be equal (nonpolar)….

El Segundo Chemistry Tutors - nonpolar

  1. or unequal (polar)…
    El Segundo Chemistry Tutors - polar

    Click image for animation.


If one atom has a stronger electronegativity (like attractiveness to an electron) then the shared electron will spend more time with that atom than the other, giving it a slightly negative charge and leaving the other one with a slightly positive charge.

  1. Occur between two nonmetals

Ionic bonds

  1. Steal the desired electron(s)-In this type of bond, the electron is not passed back and forth like a tennis ball. In this type of bond, one atom plucks the electron right out of the other atom’s valence shell and takes it for itself. Now one atom has an extra electron (now it has more electrons than protons so it has a NEGATIVE charge) and the other atom is short an electron (now it has less electrons than protons so it has a POSITIVE charge). Well these two differently charged atoms are attracted to each other and so they hang out together.

El Segundo Chemistry Tutors - ionic

  1. Occur between a nonmetal and a metal.
    This is because nonmetals have almost full valence shells (their p shell’s are so close to full!!) and metals have almost empty valence shells, so metals gladly give their valence electrons to the desperate nonmetals giving everyone an even 8 valence electrons.

For more on bonds and other chemistry help, come on in to El Segundo Study Hut right behind Starbucks. We’ve got plenty of El Segundo Chemistry tutors who would love to translate chemistry into a language that makes sense to you. Our one-on-one sessions guarantee that you will get the support you need to prepare for that test, bring up that grade, and pass that class!

Math Tutor in El Segundo

November 5th, 2015

Is math giving your child exceptional trouble in school? Are you looking to instill him or her with solid confidence in math whether it is common core or Calculus? If this applies to you, then look no further as El Segundo Study Hut can accommodate all of your needs and more!

Signing up is simple whether you fill out a contact form, call on the phone, or send us an email. Our friendly staff is happy to discuss the perfect plan that will meet your specific needs.

Study Hut offers one-on-one tutoring of one-hour sessions in which the the math tutor assesses your child’s issues immediately in order to produce the best solution. This program is highly effective as it allows the math tutor to build a close relationship with the student and therefore create catered methods of study and teaching. The student’s one hour session is also extremely prioritized as the math tutor keeps detailed records of each session in order to document student progress. This ensures that there is never a substantial step back in the student’s learning and comprehension of the material. While a one hour session may seem short, El Segundo Study Hut’s math tutors use time effectively in order to pack as much material as possible but without overwhelming the student.This type of program has shown students to improve immensely and quickly as a result. In addition, more time is always an option. If you would prefer to schedule a 2-hour session, we can do that too!

math tutor in El Segundo

Tutoring in any math subject is offered here at El Segundo Study Hut. Whether the student needs help in understanding the fundamentals of Algebra or just can’t seem to grasp certain concepts in Precalculus, Study Hut is ready to build on the student’s existing skills and raise grades! With personable and passionate tutors combined with an easy-breezy learning environment, El Segundo Study Hut is the place for every student’s math needs!


El Segundo – first impressions of the Hut

June 5th, 2012

When you are a student getting tutored, you want to be in a relaxed environment where you
can learn and have fun at the same time and the newly remodeled El Segundo Study Hut does just that.  Here at the Study Hut, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment where students are happy to get tutored, though also be motivated to study and do well. Our Study Hut in El Segundo has numerous rooms, each that have a relaxed beach feeling to them, and we hope that students can feel that relaxed vibe when they enter the study Hut.

When I walked into the Study Hut today for the first time, my attitude completely changed when I walked inside. As I was driving here, I was distracted and had a lot on my mind, though once I got to the Study Hut in El Segundo I became very relaxed and focused. The Study Hut is very organized, and it is not busy or overcrowded. The colors definitely helped me feel focused, since the colors on the walls are not overwhelming or distracting.

From the surfboards and the wood floors, to the bamboo and calming pictures on the wall, the
Study Hut has a great balance to it. As you look around the Study Hut, you will realize that the walls are painted different shades of green, which balances well with the bamboo and the wood floors. This Study Hut in particular has a very homey feeling, seeing as how it’s actually a living complex, with a full bathroom and that’s why it has many different rooms.

This Study Hut is usually quiet, since not many students are here at the same time.


New El Segundo up and running!

May 3rd, 2012

The renovations at Study Hut Tutoring in El Segundo have been amazing. The Hut is completely transformed, and based on early polling, this is the coolest looking Hut ever! We have a full side yard, definitely big enough for the tutors’ end-of-the-year BBQ 😉

So what kind of renovations have we been doing? Everything from opening up a new lobby and expanded tutoring space in the back, to new plants, paintings, wallpaper, and more. This is going to mean more space for students and tutors to spread out, and will ultimately lead to a more intimate, productive tutoring environment.

Have you been to the best tutoring location in the South Bay? Do you need help with math tutoring, English tutoring, or perhaps another subject that has been plaguing you? Don’t let the difficult curriculum at ESHS or other local schools keep you from achieving your goals. Study Hut is hear to help!

SP makin it rain green

El Segundo Tutoring spreads its Wings

April 6th, 2012

Today, two bright-eyed and bushy tailed owners, actually, we had some scruffy scraggles left on the face from Spring Breaking, and it was pretty early at 6am so we weren’t too bright eyed, embarked on a journey to have breakfast. Our Destination: the Hacienda Hotel. Our reason: to join the elite do-gooders of El Segundo for their 45th annual Mayor’s Breakfast. 100% of the proceeds will be going to benefit the El Segundo Teen Center and the El Segundo Ed foundation. The El Segundo Rotary Club makes this all possible, among others. It was a quite a treat if I dont say so myself. I had pancakes, bacon, hashbrown cakes with lox, and coffee, with chocolate creamer. It was heart-stopping. We heard a motivational speaker, and listening to him made we almost want to put down my fork and head to the gym. Apart from the food, we met some wonderful individuals. We met the heads of the local churches and school board, and they were thrilled to meet some fellow educators who were also passionate about El Segundo middle school tutors. They quickly acknowledged that tutoring in El Segundo was something that was recognized as fruitful and important. El Segundo high school students need tutoring in chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry and specific training in preparation for the SAT tests. Moms and dads in El Segundo were encouraged to know that Study Hut Tutoring provides a reliable and local tutoring service to the students at both El Segundo Middle School and El Segundo High School. Parents were eager to send their students to Study Hut tutoring for chemistry tutoring because they know how tough that class is, and how difficult the college application process can be with a low mark in that class.

Eagles flying back into action!

September 19th, 2011

El Segundo students finally have a Hut of their own to call home, and I am proud to report that we were correct: El Segundo does love Study Hut Tutoring. Our El Segundo tutors have been kicking butt and taking names, and as a result, our students from El Segundo High School and from El Segundo Middle School have been starting the year off strong.

So far, these students have been turning in all of their homework and performing well on tests and quizzes. Moms and dads are happier, and tension at home is at an all-time low. I know this for two reasons. First of all, our clients are calling and emailing us and telling us how much easier life has become since signing up at Study Hut. Secondly, I know this because El Segundo families are referring their friends here too.

We are more excited than ever to be servicing the El Segundo community. We grew up here, and we are quite familiar with the neighborhood and the schools. One of our owners actually lived in El Segundo for a bit while attending LMU, and he did tutoring home-to-home in the area as he worked his way through college.

If you have any questions at all about our services, or you want any specific information about the newest Study Hut in El Segundo (just a block from the Teen Center), please feel free to email sp@studyhut.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.