One-on-one Academic Tutoring

December 5th, 2018

Parents are often curious about when the ideal age is to start one-on-one academic tutoring. The truth is, the right age to begin tutoring has more to do with the specific needs of the student as opposed to turning a certain age. At Study Hut, we have tutors that specialize in working with students of all ages, from kindergarteners to college graduate students. When we are evaluating a child’s educational needs, our goal is to focus in on the student’s unique situation and provide customized individual tutoring.

So while we see each student as unique, academic needs in general tend to fall into three categories. Some students are doing OK in all of their classes with the exception of one subject where they need help. In this case, the student can benefit from extra one-on-one academic tutoring, assistance completing homework, and individualized attention while preparing for tests and quizzes in that class.

One-on-one Academic Tutoring

Others are dealing with challenges in multiple subjects. In this case it is especially important to disregard the student’s age and simply get them the support they need as soon as the problem is identified.  Students can gain tremendously from working with a tutor to learn basic study skills such as organization or how to effectively study. These techniques are often not taught in school, yet they are the very tools kids need to be academically successful. Poor grades at any age can cause students to feel frustrated and over time can lead to self-identifying as a “bad student”. This is a difficult scenario to reverse.

The third type of need we encounter is when someone is preparing for entrance to a private school or college. This often involves studying for a standardized test and potentially writing essays for the application. If a student is preparing for the ISEE or HSPE it is recommended to start studying at least six months before the test date, if not sooner. Tenth grade is a good time for students taking the ACT or SAT to come in to the Study Hut for a free practice test.

Just as we would never recommend a “one-size-fits-all” approach to tutoring, we do not have a standardized rule of thumb for what a good age is to begin academic tutoring. If you are dealing with a child who is struggling academically, whether it is in elementary, middle, or high school: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Newport Beach Finals

January 19th, 2016

Newport Beach finals are coming, are you ready? Here at Study Hut Newport Beach, we are prepared to help students ace their exams and achieve their goals. With tutors coming from top colleges and graduate programs, we are prepared to help students in a large variety of subjects. Our tutors are not only experienced in multiple content areas, but are experts in study habits and test taking strategies as well. At Study Hut Newport Beach, we seek to create positive study habits that will follow students throughout their academic careers. As the new year begins and finals are approaching there is no better time to get started!

Newport Beach Finals

How do I get started? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We will pair you with a tutor that is an expert in the subject you’re looking for. We believe in providing students with a one-on-one service. This allows the tutors to target the student’s strengths and weaknesses and to focus on each student’s individual needs. Going into Newport Beach finals we want to ensure that each student gets the information and skills they need to succeed.

When should I get started? The sooner the better! Cramming for an exam is never a good idea. Students should be going into an exam prepared and confident. The sooner we start, the sooner we can fill any gaps and give students helpful strategies tailored to them. We see the best results with students who consistently come in week to week. Tutors are able to track their progress and get them ready for the test. As Newport Beach final get closer, our schedule tends to fill up, so call ahead!

So whether it’s physics, chemistry, math, or even Spanish, we are ready to help! Study Hut Newport has you covered for all of your tutoring needs. It’s time to buckle down and start studying.

Hit Learning Targets

June 4th, 2015

John comes in to Study Hut to work on math with his tutor Charlsey. John transferred into a new district after a big move, so he was not used to the curriculum that the rest of the students had been working on. He wanted to hit learning targets, catch up to the rest of his class and do more practice problems than just the ones the teacher had assigned.

His teacher did not regularly assign the class lots of practice problems, so he liked using his time at Study Hut to do more problems on each of the topics he had been learning in class. His tutor explained the concepts more thoroughly to John than his teacher had. She made sure that he fully grasped the concept before they attempted the practice problems in order to hit the learning targets. John had the bad habit of not writing out any of his work, which led him to many careless mistakes. His tutor made sure to correct him whenever he started a problem and tried to plug in all the numbers without writing out his work on his paper. Once he began to write out his work, his accuracy improved dramatically and he was surprised that he actually solved his work more quickly with writing.

Charlsey made sure to send John home with extra worksheets to do more practice before his tests since his teacher rarely assigned any homework. For the first time all year, John got a four out of four on his learning target quiz. He was absolutely beaming!


Making the Grade

May 24th, 2015

Sometimes students have teachers who simply do not teach in a way that is compatible with their learning style, which can keep them from making the grade they deserve. In cases like these, it is very beneficial to have regular tutoring appointments with someone who can cater specifically to the way that your child learns. At Study Hut, our tutors truly care about and get to know their students, so they are aware of what methods of teaching will and will not work with them.

Making the Grade

Riley began coming to Study Hut because she was having trouble in her Chemistry and Geometry classes. Her Chemistry teacher was terrible at explaining difficult concepts and did not go over any practice problems with the class. They were just expected to go home and know how to do the homework. She worked with her tutor Charlsey on actually learning the material and putting it into practice on her homework. Actually understanding the content helped Riley complete her labs more easily and started making the grade on her tests. Charlsey observed that Riley did not really absorb the content without actually doing it in problems, so that was why she had been having trouble in Chemistry.

Geometry was the same way. Together, they went through which pieces of information Riley should plug in to the formulas she had been given so that she could get the correct answer. Reviewing topics from earlier in the year also helped her with trigonometry and setting up similar triangles.

End of Semester Grades

May 10th, 2015

Without fail, every semester there are students who do not think about or pay attention to their grades until one month before the semester is coming to an end. Whether this lack of attention is because they have more important obligations or simply do not care, the outcome is the same. The student has a grade that they absolutely do not want, and very minimal time or points to make it up. There are a few options to help you bring up your grade at the end of the semester. 

The most important thing you can do is discuss your grade with your teacher. Did you simply not turn in a lot of assignments? Was there one chunk of content you just could not wrap your head around so your grades are low across all of those assignments? Have you been consistently scoring low and now need to hit a homerun on your final so you can bring your grade up a whole letter grade? Luckily, most of these things are an easy fix.

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If you are sincere and have a genuine reason for why you have copious amounts of missing work, most teachers will let you turn it in for at least partial credit. Even partial points will help a lot if the missing assignments made a huge dent in your grade.

To do well on makeup tests and upcoming finals, make sure to come in and see a tutor to cover any topics you missed or did not understand completely. Especially if your entire grade relies on one or two tests there is no room to slip up. A tutor can help you figure out why you have been getting low grades all year if that has been the issue.

Semester Grades

School and Sports

May 6th, 2015

No matter how brilliant and talented a student is, it is always difficult to juggle school obligations with extracurricular activities. It becomes even more difficult when that activity takes up your entire weekend and every day after school. However, when you are passionate about something it is completely worth it. Grace plays soccer on one of the best teams in the nation, so sometimes it is difficult to keep up with homework and school projects. She spends a lot of time at practice, at games, and traveling to and from tournaments.

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Grace had been working really hard to get all her grades up so that she had straight A’s. When soccer season picked up, she began traveling every weekend and missing a lot of school so she could make it to her games. She is the star goalie for her team, so she puts in a lot of work. Due to all her traveling, she had fallen behind in math. She wanted to bring her grade back up because she knew the content was easy, she just had not been able to be in class so she could learn it.

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Grace worked with her tutor Charlsey to catch up on all the concepts that she had missed. They worked through all of Grace’s homework. Charlsey gave her extra practice problems to ensure that Grace fully grasped her new material and would be able to do well on her upcoming test. They even worked ahead, just in case Grace’s team advanced to the finals and she needed to take more time off of school. Grace got an A on both of her most recent tests and brought her grade back up!

Math Tutoring: Extra Practice

May 5th, 2015

Sara works on math with Cate weekly. In addition to Cate’s homework problems, Sara also goes over additional practice problems with Cate in her textbook. Sara asks her a lot of questions along the way to problem-solving, to make sure she truly understands the process/method. The primary concern her mom had when they first came in was that she was just following along in class but not really grasping how to solve the problems. To conquer this, at the end of each session, they do the textbook's "H.O.T. Problems" (meaning "Higher Order Thinking”). Cate is also very much a visual learner, so they use models frequently. When Cate does not have homework or a particular topic to address, they work on going back through the textbook as a comprehensive review–to make sure she is totally ready with the foundation she needs for 6th grade math.

She recently took her pre-test for her upcoming chapter test in math. Cate received a one hundred percent on her test! By her teacher’s class rules, this means that Cate is excused from taking the real test and automatically gets a one hundred entered for her test in the grade book! Cate attributes her success to the extra practice that Sara makes her do during their sessions. Because they work on problems that are more difficult than the content the rest of the students do in class, math has become are breeze for Cate.

Math with Mira: Determination

April 17th, 2015

Mira began coming to Study Hut for Chemistry and Algebra 2 midway through her sophomore year. She had a decent handle on both classes, but the content was beginning to get much more challenging. She showed determination and found some extra help to make keeping her A that much easier. She worked on math and chemistry with her tutors Charlsey and Maher.

Maher and Mira worked together on her difficult chemistry homework. He taught her when to use different gas laws, and easy tricks to help her remember which was which. He also helped her through the tricky steps of finding the empirical formula for different types of chemical equations.

While Mira mostly got amazing grades in math, she bombed one of her tests on probability and permutations. It was difficult for her to determine when to use a permutation versus a combination. She was determined to ace her retake while learning her new material on sequences at the same time. She and Charlsey worked on memorizing the different sequence formulas and how to tell whether a sequence was geometric or arithmetic. Sequences were super easy for Mira, so they spent more time reviewing permutations, combinations, and other probability problems. They focused special attention on what words to look for in word problems that would signify whether Mira should use the formula for a permutation or combination. On top of that, she had to figure out when she would be dealing with repetition or not. The countless practice sheets and determination paid off, because Mira received a 95% on her make up probability test and a 97% on her sequences test!

Real World Applications

March 6th, 2015

Mike works with his student Jack on Calculus at Study Hut every week. Most of the time Jack already knows his material, and together they just work on reinforcing the concepts so that Jack will have a solid foundation for the new material he will be learning. Mike says that it is incredibly rewarding to work with Jack because Jack asks in-depth questions and wants to go beyond the content he has been learning in class. Jack asks about the real world applications of what he is learning and if there are different ways to do his problems.

Once they have gone through Jack’s homework for the night, they explore Calculus more in-depth. They try working backward from the end of the problem to the beginning. Mike and Jack try to find multiple different ways of deriving the same formula and approach it in their own way.

Mike also works with his student Ken on Algebra 2 and Chemistry. Ken has a busy schedule with commuting to school, playing on the tennis team, and keeping up in all of his challenging classes. Together he and Mike still have time to discuss the real-world applications of the math he is learning, and how it is important in every day life. Coming in to Study Hut a few times a week makes the excessive amounts of homework more manageable. Studying with his tutor and reviewing concepts he is confused about on his study guide also helps Ken prevent himself from getting too stressed out. He is able to do all his after school activities and have an awesome GPA.

Functions Trig and Statistics

March 5th, 2015

Emily comes in to work on math every week at Study Hut with her tutors Charlsey and Doug.  Emily struggled with her Functions, Trigonometry, and Statistics class first semester.  First semester she only came into Study Hut the day before a big test.  She would try to learn an entire chapter’s worth of material in just an hour.  While coming to Study Hut helped Emily understand some concepts better, it just was not enough when she did not keep up regularly in the class.

Emily decided to change her habits this semester and now comes to Study Hut every week.  She goes over her homework and her notes for the class with each of her tutors.  They review and fill out Emily’s notes and spend extra time on any material that she did not fully understand during her teacher’s lecture.  Then they go through and do Emily’s homework together.  Her tutors explain any problems that are difficult or challenging and make sure that Emily understands the concept.  Now, when test week rolls around, she can do the majority of the problems on her practice tests on her own.

Coming in for weekly recurring sessions has not only helped Emily get a better grasp on the material, but has also boosted her confidence.  Now when she goes in to take her tests, she knows that she can solve every problem, instead of just hoping she remembers what she learned the day before. All the concepts make sense and she is so happy!