Back to School Newport Beach Tutoring

September 10th, 2018

Are you looking for back to school Newport Beach Tutoring?

Back to school newport beach tutoring

While our local Mater Dei, Sage Hill School, and other local private school students have been back in full swing for several weeks, Labor Day Weekend marks the official end of summer for our Newport-Mesa USD students.  Accordingly, this has been a busy week at Study Hut for students from Corona del Mar, Newport Harbor High School, and Ensign Middle School.

As we see each and every year, the advantages of getting off to an early start are numerous.  There are a lot of students that begin back to school Newport Beach Tutoring at Study Hut on day one because of the many benefits.  The points earned on homework assignments, tests, and quizzes in September are worth just as much as the points earned during Final exams in December and January, so there is no reason for nonchalance.  Quite to the contrary, students who put their best foot forward early and often almost always reap the benefits of being prepared.

That is why top students at Ensign, Newport Harbor, and Corona del Mar have been on the waiting list here at Study Hut Newport Beach for several weeks, and they are now all filing in for their preferred weekly times.  As the semester carries on, these students will have their first-choice days and time slots permanently throughout the year, even if they need to cancel one week for one reason or another.  They will also be entitled to priority booking when it comes to Finals tutoring, which is always our most in-demand time of year.


Whether your son or daughter is in need of single-subject tutoring at Newport Harbor High School in an area like biology or geometry, or he or she needs help across the board as a 7th grader at Ensign with organization, study skills, and exam preparation, we are here to help you at Study Hut Newport Beach with all of the tools and expertise that keep our students coming back year after year.

For appointments, please email sp@studyhut.com

Newport Beach Chemistry Tutoring

May 15th, 2016

Chemistry at Newport Harbor and CDM can be tough! Between completing the webassigns, labs, homework, and studying, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Chemistry has a lot of details and equations and it can be difficult to keep it all straight. Study Hut Newport knows exactly how to help. We have been working with CDM and Newport Harbor students since we opened our doors in 2012. We know the curriculum and expectations that our CDM and Newport Harbor students are facing. We know what it takes to get that A, and we want to help! Study Hut Newport offers one-on- one tutoring to make those complex reactions seem easy.

Chemistry can be difficult between balancing equations and finding molar mass, but we can make it simple. Our expert staff of tutors can help break down the material and help prevent that explosive reaction you might have before the big test. Our one-on- one approach allows us to customize each session to each of our Newport Beach students’ needs. Our approach allows the student to come in and cover whatever topics they need the most help with. Whether it is just getting some more practice before the test or clarifying some confusing topics, we know how to help!

As finals are approaching, now is the perfect time to make sure you are caught up and understanding all new material. Study Hut Newport can help you put it all together and get you caught up. Finals at CDM and Newport Harbor are just over a month away, and we want our chemistry students to feel confident and prepared. So whether stoichiometry is giving you stomach pains or molar mass is giving you migraines,

Study Hut Newport is here to help! Get all your questions answered and give us a call today!

Newport Beach Chemistry Tutoring

Applied Concepts: Common Core in Real Life

March 3rd, 2016

It is post- finals here in Newport Beach and you know what that means: time for a fresh start! New chapters, new lessons, and a ton of new material in our various courses. As we dive in here at Study Hut Newport Beach, our students start to wonder WHY all of this information is relevant. “After the test I’m not going to need to remember this,” they say. “Where will I find Common Core in real life?”

Common Core in Real Life

Well, the past couple weeks of tutoring sessions have been all about relating our school concepts to those of daily life. Applying concepts like Common Core Math, Chemistry, Biology– you name it!–can be tough. Our tutoring sessions relate these subjects to a better understanding of the world around us.

In Chemistry, Newport students have been working on papers and powerpoints exposing each of the Elements of the Periodic Table. Students found that Hydrogen contributes to plant fertilizers in gardens, while Nitrogen plays a part in cleaning supplies.

In Common Core Math, high school students are struggling with graphing piece- wise equations, but find it helpful to conceptualize these sporadic values with examples such as, test grades, or job wages. Common Core in real life is not only present, but extremely relevant.

In Biology, students are not simply memorizing cell terminology on notecards, but more importantly they are putting vocabulary into their own words. For example DNA is “the instruction manual of the human body.”

All in all, we have been working hard the past few weeks to make sense of the material their teachers are throwing at us. Not only does it help on quizzes and tests for students to understand these topics in their own manner, but it also reminds them that what they are learning now will help them down the road.

Newport Beach Finals

January 19th, 2016

Newport Beach finals are coming, are you ready? Here at Study Hut Newport Beach, we are prepared to help students ace their exams and achieve their goals. With tutors coming from top colleges and graduate programs, we are prepared to help students in a large variety of subjects. Our tutors are not only experienced in multiple content areas, but are experts in study habits and test taking strategies as well. At Study Hut Newport Beach, we seek to create positive study habits that will follow students throughout their academic careers. As the new year begins and finals are approaching there is no better time to get started!

Newport Beach Finals

How do I get started? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We will pair you with a tutor that is an expert in the subject you’re looking for. We believe in providing students with a one-on-one service. This allows the tutors to target the student’s strengths and weaknesses and to focus on each student’s individual needs. Going into Newport Beach finals we want to ensure that each student gets the information and skills they need to succeed.

When should I get started? The sooner the better! Cramming for an exam is never a good idea. Students should be going into an exam prepared and confident. The sooner we start, the sooner we can fill any gaps and give students helpful strategies tailored to them. We see the best results with students who consistently come in week to week. Tutors are able to track their progress and get them ready for the test. As Newport Beach final get closer, our schedule tends to fill up, so call ahead!

So whether it’s physics, chemistry, math, or even Spanish, we are ready to help! Study Hut Newport has you covered for all of your tutoring needs. It’s time to buckle down and start studying.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

December 10th, 2015

Study Hut Tutoring is a place where students can come to reinforce math topics. All sessions with the tutor are tailored to the needs of each student. Whether they are looking to prepare for a upcoming test or if they wanted to review problems they had in the past, we will make sure that all their needs are met with the Newport Beach math tutors.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

The local tutors make sure that each session goes at a comfortable pace for any student. This is especially important during one-on-one appointments because this will allow the student to absorb the material completely. Many times in a classroom setting, the teacher will either go too quickly or they will be unable to explain a concept clearly enough for everyone to grasp. Our tutors do not move on until they are sure the student has mastered the topic.

Not only do our Newport Beach math tutors help students with math concepts, but they also teach study skills that will help students in future chapters so they can be better equipped and prepared to tackle any daunting math problem. This includes formatting math problems neatly and clearly to eliminate any errors due to misreading and having a very organized planner so that homework isn’t overdue, quizzes aren’t forgotten, and tests are not ill-prepared.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

Finally, our tutors put a lot of effort to ensure that Study Hut is a place where students can be both at ease and focused. We want to have a relaxing atmosphere where students love to come because they feel accomplished by the time they leave. Tutoring is effective only if the student likes to come initially, and has a level of trust with their tutor.

Contact a Newport Beach math tutor today so we can get a feel for how your student is progressing. We can work together to provide the skills necessary so they can become a successful math wizard!

Great Finals Tutor Newport Beach

May 21st, 2012

As the year is winding down for elementary, middle, and high school students alike, it may not be the time to give up quite yet. The dreaded end of year tradition—finals—is just around the corner. With about four weeks left to study, now is the best time to start thinking about finals, especially with a tough curriculum, like Newport Harbor High School. Why spend the night before your test cramming a semester’s worth of information into your head? Why spend day after day last-minute-studying and not getting enough sleep?

Do your future self a favor—DON’T procrastinate. Start working on study tools now. Study Hut is a great place to start. Make a phone call and get to work with a cool Newport Beach tutor; someone who is fresh out of college–someone is already prepping with other students from Newport Beach. Start making those flashcards and study guides. A Study Hut tutor in Newport Beach can make sure you are focusing on the exact material that will be on your test. When it comes time to push yourself into full final-mode, all you’ll have to do is whip out those pre-made flashcards and study guides and get going. Sounds pretty stress-free compared to the coffee-drinking and study-snacking that would occur after four weeks of procrastination.

Start out by outlining a general study plan for each subject. Will you make a study guide or look over old tests for your history final? Will you memorize math formulas from practice problems or flashcards? Your local Newport Beach Study Hut tutor can help you get this process started. Once you have created an active study plan, you will only have to do a little bit of work each day to prepare.

Study now, so you can stress less and sleep more later.

Getting into college, cool letter

May 16th, 2012

This is an awesome email I got recently from the President of the company that helps us with our “Getting into College” services. They have developed some really cool software that helps us create the most efficient and fun tutoring process humanly possible. While their company is located in Newport Beach, and we do offer this college tutoring service in Newport Beach, we are also starting to work with many students in Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach as well. Please email sp@studyhut.com with any questions.

We have a woman that asked if we had a reference for the licensing program and I thought about you. Granted, you are the first tutoring company that we have brought on as we are ramping up our training now before we start selling our program on a wide scale level. If you would be willing to discuss your thoughts on the value of the licensing program, even though you haven’t been on it for all that long, that would be really helpful.

Diane is the name of the lady and I will share with her you contact information, if that is cool with you. She will be joining our next focus group training, which will be June 2-3, at our office here in NB. June 2 will be all about Product Knowledge – which you did- but June 3 will be Build Your Business. This is completely new portion of our training and integrates what I think was the missing piece from the initial training at Study Hut. We are really excited about the entire training program and know it will provide the utter confidence and understanding in delivering the program, along with how to really assimilate the program into a tutoring company to ensure their ultimate success. I know your students have been seeing a ton of success with our software, so I really appreciate your help.

You and Rob are invited to attend the upcoming training, or just the second day if you’d like.

Take it easy,


Newport Beach fired up

May 7th, 2012

We have been turnin’ and burnin’ in Newport Beach. Study Hut is fast underway, and now tutoring several local students from Newport Harbor High School, Ensign Middle School, Corona del Mar High School, and a few other private schools. The buzz is spreading, and the vibe is good.

We have been getting the Hut open early and often here in Newport. We want to have the coolest tutoring facility in Orange County, and the only way to guarantee that is to put the extra time in early and often. Each morning, Rob and SP get to the shop at 6:30, get the coffee brewing, and work on painting, fielding phone calls, preparing lesson plans, and talking to other local business owners.

Study Hut Tutoring recently joined the Newport Chamber of Commerce, and Rob went to his first Chamber event on Thursday. The mixer took place at Tommy Bahama’s Grille on Avocado St. near the Bristol, and was meant to be a membership reception for new and potentially new members.

All in all, it is just really fun and exciting to be a part of this new business. I remember our first few clients in Manhattan Beach, and many of those young men and women are now finishing up college. Unbelievable!

Newport beach tutors

April 30th, 2012

Study Hut Tutoring has just opened a new location in Newport Beach. Located at 1600 West Coast Hwy, we are in the ideal location for students in the Newport Beach School District. We look forward to tutoring the students at nearby schools, such as: Newport Harbor High School, Ensign Intermediate School, and Newport Heights Elementary. Study Hut specializes in subject tutoring and test prep (SAT & ACT), and can help with the stressful college admission process.

Study Hut is a place where students of any age come to work one-on-one with a tutor. This allows for a student to receive the individual attention that they need but may not be able to receive elsewhere. Our philosophy is to encourage a lasting motivation in our students so that they can achieve all of their current and future academic goals.

High School, Middle School, and Elementary School students alike will find great service from Study Hut’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutors. We strive to help students succeed academically, not only by teaching concepts, but also by encouraging the organization and consistent study habits necessary to succeed in any level of schooling.

The Study Hut Tutoring offices are not your average, everyday cubicle work station. Each nook at the Hut is quite chill, allowing students to dominate in their natural state. In this space, fresh with plants and wood tones, frustration levels are at all time lows while comprehension and retention foster strong grades. It’s pretty epic. For example, one room is called the [Marine Layer]. You can see the ocean! They have a cool effect on the wall that really ties the whole room together; it definitely lives up to it’s name in a cloud layer of its own.

Tutoring in Newport Beach is about to be invigorated with the local beach spirit and culture of Study Hut Tutoring. One big high five, a snack, and some knowledge will fire up anyone, especially young people. We work with students with different personalities, different goals, and different learning styles. That’s why Study Hut Tutors tailor to each one of it’s students

Newport Beach SAT tutor

April 15th, 2012

If you are interested in the most cutting-edge SAT tutoring available, brought to you by energetic, local tutors, check this out: