Math Tutoring: Extra Practice

Sara works on math with Cate weekly. In addition to Cate’s homework problems, Sara also goes over additional practice problems with Cate in her textbook. Sara asks her a lot of questions along the way to problem-solving, to make sure she truly understands the process/method. The primary concern her mom had when they first came in was that she was just following along in class but not really grasping how to solve the problems. To conquer this, at the end of each session, they do the textbook's "H.O.T. Problems" (meaning "Higher Order Thinking”). Cate is also very much a visual learner, so they use models frequently. When Cate does not have homework or a particular topic to address, they work on going back through the textbook as a comprehensive review–to make sure she is totally ready with the foundation she needs for 6th grade math.

She recently took her pre-test for her upcoming chapter test in math. Cate received a one hundred percent on her test! By her teacher’s class rules, this means that Cate is excused from taking the real test and automatically gets a one hundred entered for her test in the grade book! Cate attributes her success to the extra practice that Sara makes her do during their sessions. Because they work on problems that are more difficult than the content the rest of the students do in class, math has become are breeze for Cate.

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