Palos Verdes math tutoring

Attention Palos Verdes students: Are you struggling with math, or  more specifically with algebra? Well at Study Hut Tutoring, we have plenty of well qualified tutors that can assist you with this difficult and frustrating subject. Study Hut Tutoring has assisted several students from Palos Verdes High School in all areas throughout a year’s worth of algebra 1 and 2. Whether it’s analyzing inequalities, graphing linear functions, or the dreaded factoring of polynomials, Study Hut Tutoring will not only teach students the proper steps to solving problems, but will help point out more efficient approaches to problems, so that algebra students don’t get stuck working on a problem for five minutes when it could have been done in 30 seconds!
Here at Study Hut Tutoring, students typically bring in their daily homework and work one on one with an experienced algebra tutor. One of the benefits of coming to Study Hut is that as Palos Verdes High School students work on their homework, the tutor can watch and analyze the student’s approach to solving problems,  and can diagnose any problems the student is having. This allows students to catch any mistakes they are making and correct their methods so that they don’t continue doing similar problems with a flawed method. This one on one session with a Study Hut tutor also saves algebra students the frustrations they may experience when trying to do their homework on their own without any guidance.
In addition to assisting with homework, Study Hut Tutoring has also helped several Palos Verdes algebra students prepare for upcoming tests. There are several other resources and text books available at Study Hut Tutoring that will allow students to practice a variety of problems that will most likely be on future tests. The tutors also have the skills necessary to assess where an algebra student may be struggling in a certain chapter and make up supplemental problems to give additional practice. This in turn boosts Palos Verdes High School students’ confidence in the subject and can help alleviate some of the stress that algebra can present to a student. So if your son or daughter is struggling with math at Palos Verdes High School, come on down to Study Hut Tutoring and check us out for algebra and algebra 2 tutors!

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