Fewer than three weeks remain until the AP Biology Exam. Are you ready? Yes? No need to read further, then.

Still with me? Then I suppose you’ve answered no. That’s an excellent, honest first step. Maybe you’re worried that the facts and skills aren’t set firmly in your mind, that you’ll go into the test less than prepared. Doubt and anxiety are normal feelings for everyday life, but disastrous ones for tests – they can make all your brain’s resources collapse like a half-baked soufflé. Obviously there is no reason to let this happen! AP Biology is a rigorous course, and you’ve probably worked harder at it than at any other class this year. You deserve a score to show that!

The subject is as comprehensive as any you’ll face in high school, and its exams can draw out your tiniest insecurities. The reason is that it requires two major kinds of intelligence: a sharp, detail-based memory and a broader understanding of themes and overarching connections. For instance, not only must you know each stage of the Calvin Cycle, but you must understand how ecological conditions have favored this adaptation in plants. This is no small task!

Whether you’re feeling unsure about facts per se, or just how to pull them together for a test, the Study Hut can help. Our tutors are well-acquainted with biology, and even better acquainted with test prep strategies. Knowing facts is one skill – if you’ve accomplished this you are, I’m sure, a cut above many students who will sit for the exam on May 11. But have you noticed that there are plenty of students who don’t know all the facts, who don’t have dark circles under their eyes from diligent memorizing, yet who do better on tests than those who bear all the grunt work? These students aren’t lucky – they have the second skill: organization of knowledge. Think of it as the desk space in your mind – the broader it is, the more easily you can find a document, or put different documents together, without frantic shuffling and chaos. This is where we come in. Our tutors will teach you how to arrange your information, and by extension, your thoughts, so that the questions on the exam look less like scary hieroglyphics and more like library call numbers.

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