Algebra 1 Tutoring

Bryce began coming to Study Hut because he was having trouble in his Algebra 1 class. He understood basic concepts, but was having trouble applying what he learned to homework problems. This was translating into grades he was unhappy with on his tests.

He began coming to Study Hut twice a week to work with his tutor, Charlsey, on his Algebra 1 homework. He had been having a lot of trouble solving for multi-variable systems of equations. His teacher had not explained the topic very well. The practice problems that were assigned for homework did not review or explain any of the new material. Bryce quickly became frustrated because simply reading the book did not explain solving systems clearly enough.

Charlsey went through the different ways of solving systems with Bryce. First, she explained substitution. With substitution, you solve for one variable in terms of the other variable that you are solving for and then plug that back in to your second equation. Then you are left with one variable and a simple algebraic equation to solve. Bryce hated substitution though, so they went over elimination. In elimination you use multiplication or division to make the amounts of one variable equivalent in the two equations. Then you either add or subtract your equations depending on the sign, and are left with one variable to solve for. Then you use simple algebra to solve.

Charlsey sent Bryce home with extra problems to work on. When he returned for his next tutoring session, he understood how to solve systems and was confident with the material.

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