Summer Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

June 21st, 2015

After a fantastic 2014-2015 school year in Manhattan Beach, Mira Costa students are about to enjoy some fun in the sun.  While many have finished their SAT and ACT exams, others are starting summer school.  So for those of you who have to spend some morning time in the classroom, Study Hut Tutoring is here for you after class, at our new summer location: 1208 Artesia Blvd. in Hermosa Beach, across the street from Mira Costa High School.

Our geometry tutors are standing by– we are available for hourly sessions Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm.  Whether you are getting ahead and taking Modern World History or US history, we have the local experts and books you need in order to earn A’s over summer.  It is important to get off on the right foot because the summer classes are especially condensed, often only 4-6 weeks long.  If it’s algebra tutoring you need, our top people are locked and loaded, ready to go.

Mira Costa High School isn’t the only school letting loose.  Students from Manhattan Beach Middle School are “free at last” from the rigors of Mr. Rucker’s Boulder, Mrs. Luke’s math homework and early morning tutoring sessions on Late Start Wednesdays.  Now that school is out, a lot of students are coming to Study Hut Tutoring for summer tutoring in Manhattan Beach to brush up on their pre-algebra skills, five paragraph essay writing, and Spanish verbs.  These basics are quintessential to earning top marks in the fall.  While buoy swims are equally as important for the body, the mind requires specific tuning in order to test well in early September.

For those students who have just wrapped up their last days at Grandview Elementary, Pacific Elementary, Robinson Elementary, and Pennykamp Elementary, there is a real transition that lies ahead as they enter into Manhattan Beach Middle School.  Now more than ever, incoming 6th graders will be put to the test.  But not to worry, Study Hut Tutoring is in your corner, having just helped a plethora of students with wide ranging needs, we are ready to help you tackle these challenges: we have the books, we know the curriculum, and you’re going to have a ton of fun knockin’ it out with us. Come in for engaging summer tutoring in Manhattan Beach to keep your mind fresh!


Palos verdes Geometry tutor

June 2nd, 2009

At the Study Hut we are happy to offer tutoring in Geometry, a subject that many students struggle with. Geometry courses in the Palos Verdes School District teach students to develop an understanding of the concept of proof in geometric contexts and construct formal logical arguments. Furthermore, Algebraic techniques are applied in the solution of problems involving geometric figures in two- and three-dimensions. The most difficult aspect of Geometry seems to be the proof, which requires knowledge (and the ability to instantly recall) numerous theorems. Proofs are also challenging for students because they require students to problem solve in a novel way. Its a type of logic and mathematical problem that has thus far, never been encountered by most students. Therefore, the combination of a new method of problem solving along with the required knowledge of many theorems, make the proof one of the biggest challenges in Geometry.

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Palos Verdes tutor

May 18th, 2009

Are you a Palos Verdes High School student struggling in math? Is your geometry class making your life miserable? At Study Hut Tutoring we have several experienced tutors that can help! Not only are our tutors experts in the field of geometry, but they are also able to form lesson plans that increases a student’s understanding of the subject matter, as opposed to generic lectures that some teachers give. Study Hut Tutors currently teach several students from the entire South Bay and have received nothing but positive results. Read the rest of this entry »