Palos verdes Geometry tutor

At the Study Hut we are happy to offer tutoring in Geometry, a subject that many students struggle with. Geometry courses in the Palos Verdes School District teach students to develop an understanding of the concept of proof in geometric contexts and construct formal logical arguments. Furthermore, Algebraic techniques are applied in the solution of problems involving geometric figures in two- and three-dimensions. The most difficult aspect of Geometry seems to be the proof, which requires knowledge (and the ability to instantly recall) numerous theorems. Proofs are also challenging for students because they require students to problem solve in a novel way. Its a type of logic and mathematical problem that has thus far, never been encountered by most students. Therefore, the combination of a new method of problem solving along with the required knowledge of many theorems, make the proof one of the biggest challenges in Geometry.

Another challenging aspect of Geometry is problem solving and visualization using not just numbers, but two and three dimensional objects in space. For some students this type of spatial visualization comes easily, however for many students it is not a strength. Part of the Geometry tutoring process at the Study Hut is to teach students how to better visualize two and three dimensional objects in space and approach these type of problems.

Finals in the Palos Verdes school district are about a week away. A week of intense preparation, although not the ideal situation, can make an amazing difference in a final grade, especially for students who have found themselves struggling in Geometry for the past year. Because geometry is a subject in which concepts build upon themselves, knowledge of the fundamental concepts is necessary and can easily be instilled or clarified in several tutoring sessions. Although the optimal situation would be consistent tutoring, mastery, and review of material throughout the year, sometimes this simply is not realistic, especially considering the hectic schedules of many high school students along with the learning curve associated with studying ahead of time that is the necessary part high school academics. If you or your child are struggling at the last minute studying for Geometry finals, the study hut is a good step in the right direction.

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