Redondo Beach Elementary School Tutoring

Here at the Study Hut, we find that Redondo Beach elementary school students benefit greatly from the one on one tutoring we offer. We help students build the solid educational base that is crucial to their future success as they travel along the path to academic excellence. There is no secret to raising an outstanding scholar. Students with a strong foundation will find it easier to learn the concepts presented in their following years of education.

Even though elementary subject matter is not particularly challenging to most adults, many parents have a difficult time helping their children with their studies. One of the challenges they face is finding a way to explain the material in a way that the child will be able to understand. This is where the tutor comes in to save day. As tutors, we’ve had a lot of experience teaching and we know the best way to explain things.

In addition, the relationship between student and tutor is more conducive to learning than that of parent and child. The kids learn to associate the Study Hut with a place to work. It’s much harder for them to focus on their studies when they are at home surrounded by the usual distractions. It is far more beneficial for the kids to be in an environment where everyone else is also working and interested in doing well in school. Therefore, receiving tutoring from the Study Hut will actually reduce the amount of time that students will need to spend on their homework by allowing them to do work in an efficient manner.

Children in elementary school typically don’t have a very long attention span and so we organize the study sessions to accommodate for this. To counter this problem, we present material to students in a way that excites their curiosity and motivates them to learn. We will generally cover multiple subjects during one study session. This helps keep the student engaged and also makes for a very efficient hour of tutoring and allows us to harness the student’s energy.


This blog was written by Sophia Marling…she is really fantastic at tutoring Redondo Beach students

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