PVHS and Peninsula students: Final Exam Cram

Attention PVHS and Peninsula students:
The stretch of finals at the end of the year is when a lot of you will realize that, just maybe, you haven’t kept your schoolwork as organized as you ought to have (and you swore after last year that you’d get better at that)!  You’ve seen the study guides — your teachers weren’t kidding when they said that the tests would be cumulative. And where are those notes on cell division, anyway?
Does this sound familiar? I thought so. Procrastination is like fast food — too easy to indulge in, impossible to live without. Everyone is guilty of it. However, if you’re reading this, I suppose you’re regretting having done a little too much of it. Finals are closing in like birds of prey. But don’t panic yet.
Maybe you don’t stay organized easily — maybe keeping your papers sorted and your planner up to date is about as fun as bathing a cat. That’s okay. Many of us never tend naturally toward order. But when finals come around, a certain amount is necessary, and if the sheer amount of studying ahead of you seems overwhelming, when you consider the chaos of papers that are your materials, come to the Study Hut. We’ll help you sort things out.
Our tutors were all students, and some of us still are.  We grapple with our own organizational demons all the time in college, and we know how to study in “emergency mode”: how to reorganize, replace missing links, and make study guides at the same time (do we need to just go back to the textbook and remake that page of notes after all?). Any of our students can testify as to how often we sing the praises of flash-cards.
The end of the school year is less than two months away. If you’re beginning to get nervous about your final grades, you still have time — although not much — to catch up and finish strong. Whether your problem lies in understanding material or organizing it, a final-exam-cram tutoring series at the Study Hut can bring you up to par with as little pain as possible. We work with plenty of students from PVHS and Peninsula High — we’re well acquainted with their curricula, and organization skills is an area of expertise for us. Don’t delay — if you can have an A, why settle for less?

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