Summer Math Tutoring

How did the past school year go for you or your child? Did they do well in math? No matter your answer, summer is a great opportunity to learn, relearn, and improve in math class with a private math tutor. Often the end of the year can feel rushed, especially in high school, with finals in all classes to keep up with, making up any outstanding assignments, and writing papers. So, there may be concepts or skills you or your student didn’t really master during the year, and often they may not even be aware of it. Summer math tutoring is a great solution to this issue, and at Study Hut Tutoring we specialize in just that.

What we do at Study Hut Tutoring

We offer one on one summer tutoring sessions, starting at 1 hour in length. Our tutors are trained professionals who have raised countless students’ grades in all subjects, who know how to connect with each student as an individual, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a plan and structure that will push your student to excel and master even their weakest areas. Often this will involve assessments at the beginning (Math Tests), which will gauge which math material, for example, your student is weak in, later to move on to regular home math exercises and weekly check-ups and lessons to solidify the material. All of this is oriented at directly targeting what your student missed from school, fill in the holes, drill them solid, and then build on that foundation to succeed in current and future material.

What Math Subjects do we Tutor?

Our summer math tutoring covers all math levels through Calculus. Our tutors are trained to tutor any age group at levels ranging from basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions, to higher level concepts such as algebra, trigonometry, statistics, or derivatives. We have tutors that specialize at every level and no previous mastery is required: you could be failing or getting an A; all students we tutor, at any mastery level, have benefited from our targeted and unique tutoring methodology. In addition, we usually find that most students, even students who already have high grades, usually are weak when challenged on some area or another from previous math classes.

What is a Summer Math Tutoring Session Like?

Because summer tutoring is generally more laid back and students will not be doing homework full time like they would during the year, we really focus on a structured plan for our sessions. Time during the (usually) one hour sessions is first spent reviewing homework that was previously assigned during the last session, addressing any major problems or questions that arose from it, and reviewing whatever material didn’t fully sink in. Then, a new lesson will be introduced, building on the past material and introducing new concepts that can be applied for another homework assignment. Thus, it works very much like a normal school class except there is only one student per math tutor, it is a much more open environment where the student can have all of his or her questions addressed in a direct way, and all of the assignments and lessons are tailored specifically for their needs. Also, tutoring sessions may not be as linear as a normal class at first if our goal is to primarily reintroduce past material, or perhaps teach it for the first time, so we may jump around between concepts that are usually taught years apart.

Is Study Hut Summer Tutoring right for me?

The short answer – yes. We have students from straight F’s to straight A’s that all benefit from our services. Whether it helps build discipline, introduces new study methods and organizational skills, or teaches you material you didn’t learn properly in school, we ensure that every student that walks through our doors leaves more confident and interested in the subject they needed help with. The medium answer – what grades did you or your student get in math class for the past couple of years? What chapters and concepts did they struggle with or want more help on? Do they do homework every day? Do they keep and planner and organize study sessions with it? Do they ever have missing assignments? We can help address all of the answers to those questions with solutions specifically formulated for you. The long answer – give us a call and we’ll see how we can help!