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College applications process

A high school student’s fall senior year can be one of the most stressful times for them. Students have to juggle the beginning of their final year and college preparation all at the same time. However, a student can lay the groundwork for a smooth college application process starting from the very beginning of high school.

Colleges require and look for specific experiences to understand who the applicant truly is; students should be encouraged to make a note of every activity, experience, honor, or award that comes his or her way in high school. It is important for students to create a resume of these activities, no matter how small; a running tally will come in handy once college applications begin. Many colleges also require an essay in the college application; before the application process begins take the time to review the essays and start to brainstorm them.

Once the college applications open, it’s now time to plan and schedule. Sitting down and completing college applications can be a daunting process. It can feel glamorous to simply visit and hear about all the great opportunities, but actually completing a slew of applications can be a not-so-fun part of the process. Completing college applications should be the culmination of many months of work, rather than an overwhelming one-time process. The most important thing to remember about college applications is the deadline for each. Students should make a detailed calendar in order to organize it all to avoid rushing through an entire college application the night before it’s due.

College counselors can also be a vital resource for students; they can help keep the student organized and give them key information about school choice. They can give personal accounts to students about the geography of a campus or the type of environment that the student is looking for and then compile a list of colleges for the student. College counselors can also put their students in touch with former students who applied to and attend the schools they are considering. Those contacts can give students advice about what to aim for and what to avoid for each school’s application.

The college application process can be overwhelming, but as long as a student is organized and uses all the resources available to them, they will succeed in their applications.

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