Summer Time at The Hut

Winding Down at the Hut

We’ve had lots of blog posts about how to prepare for finals and end the year on a high note. All week, students have been rushing in and out of the Hut, reciting geometry theorems and putting the final touches on Socratic seminars. But we’ve failed to mention the most important aspect of the end of the school year…

It’s the end of the school year! Yay!

In addition to playing Alice Cooper on loop, we’ve been doing a lot to prepare for summer. This mostly includes staring out the window and daydreaming about our plans. Between the tutors and the students, we’re a busy bunch!

Some are planning vacations and some are eagerly anticipating the London Olympics. Some have weddings for dear friends and others are just planning on soaking up as much sun as possible on the beaches of the South Bay. Here are a few responses from around the Hut to the most whimsical and challenging question: What’s your favorite thing about summer?

“Surf and work.”
-Alex, Tutor

“Sleep, surf and travel.”
-Codee, Sophomore

“I like not wearing socks when I’m wearing my shoes!”
-Amir, Tutor

“The sun not going down until 9pm.”
-Madison, Sophomore

“I like reading Robert Frost while sitting contemplatively under a tree in the summer breeze. Just kidding! Corn dogs.
-Amy, Tutor

“Not being at school.”
-James Houston, Sophomore

“Music festivals, Vegas, and beach parties in the daytime.”
-Sam, Study Hut Manager

“I am really looking forward to sleeping, surfing, vacations, no school, playing with my dog, having free time and hanging out with my friends on the beach.”
-Matt, Freshman

No doubt about it, we’re a Hut about town. What are you looking forward to this summer? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy your time off!

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