SAT Test Day

June 6th, 2015

Getting ready for SAT test day is easy and a little preparation can make all the difference in your score. Outside of one-on-one test preparation, there a few things you can do the day before and the week leading up to your test to maximize your score.

The Week Before

Go over your diagnostic practice tests with your tutor to see if there are any glaring errors or mistakes that you keep repeating. Do you always fall for the trap answer because it is listed first? Do you continue to answer math problems even when you venture into the sections that are too difficult for you? All these little mistakes can add up and cost you big points on the SAT Test Day.

⌚SAT Test DayThe Night Before

Make sure you get a great night’s sleep the night before SAT Test Day! Do not drink any caffeinated tea or beverages late in the day. If you go out with your friends, make sure you are home at a reasonable hour and relaxed enough to get some sleep. Do not do any practice tests or practice problems the day before your test. You will burn yourself out and not do as well on the real thing.


 SAT Test DayThe Day Of

Make sure you eat a big, healthy breakfast. Bring a snack for the break they will give you. Bring two calculators in case one of yours has a freak accident and breaks in the middle of the test. Make sure that your bring all the materials that they tell you to have, including any sort of print out and identification. It would be horrible to get there and not be allowed to take the test. Most of all, be confident and you will do great!