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March 15th, 2016

AP Biology, like many AP classes, contains a LARGE load of material. Each test is composed of what could be considered a midterm or final in another class. Here are some memory tricks for one section from a Redondo Beach AP Biology Tutor.

Memory Tricks for Transcription and Translation

Transcription and Translation are the two steps to the central dogma in Biology. They are the two parts of the process that codes genes into proteins-turning the blueprint into the 3D building, if you will.

Redondo Beach AP Biology Tutor

Memory Trick #1:

Transcription means to take what is spoken and turn it into a written account. It is taking something of the same language and changing its form. Similarly, in biology, transcription is the process of changing the form of the thing, while keeping it the same language. What I mean by that is that DNA and RNA are both built from nucleotides (nucleotides=the language) though they are in different forms (DNA=double stranded helix, RNA=single strand).


Translation means to change the language. Similarly in biology, translation is taking something from one language (nucleotides) to another (amino acids) in turning RNA to a protein.


Memory Trick #2:

After transcription, the mRNA goes through a few steps before it leaves the nucleus to find a ribosome and be translated. One of the steps is ‘splicing’ where parts of the mRNA are removed, and only the important section is left. Here’s the trick: EXons are the important part of the mRNA…they are the part that EXits the nucleus. the INtrons are the part that are removed…they are the part that stay IN the nucleus.

Memory Trick #3:

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