Why Us?


Owners Rob and Sean Patrick began tutoring in the late ’90s in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. It was their goal to help students understand the importance of schoolwork and college during each hour-long tutoring session. In December 2006, the two local entrepreneurs collaborated to bring together Study Hut Tutoring.

“We wanted to start the kind of place we wish we had when we were in school.”

Rob and SP, Study Hut

Study Hut is now a place where students of all ages come to work one-on-one with a private tutor. The philosophy at the Hut is simple: encourage and motivate students to develop a strong and continuous academic work ethic in order to achieve goals. They created a Study Hut culture that promotes students to be eager about working diligently on schoolwork. Their success is due to their academic backgrounds and familiarity with the schools, the curriculum and the teachers in the South Bay. In addition to individual subject help and test preparation, Study Hut Tutoring explains that working the right way, with sound strategy and guidance, leads to academic success at any level.

Rob and Sean Patrick work closely with tutors and students because they want the environment to continually evolve to better serve both students and parents.

Study Hut Philosophy

Come stop by and see what kinds of things are happening everyday at the Study Hut.