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Many students come in to Study Hut for regular, weekly appointments.   Some students come one day, others two days, and a few students come five days a week!  Seeing a tutor regularly is one of the best ways to keep on top of and stay ahead in challenging courses.  Students can work on one subject or multiple subjects with their tutors.  Every session can be tailored to meet individual student needs.  Having these regular appointments with the same tutors helps students stay organized with their classes, even when they have many of other extracurricular activities outside of school.

One Study Hut regular, Grace, comes in for tutoring twice a week with her tutor Charlsey.  They work on all of Grace’s classes, but mostly focus on math, science, and history.  Grace brought her grade up in math, and now understands the concepts.  Her teacher was not explaining the material very thoroughly, so she worked with Charlsey on each of her homework problems to make sure she was getting them right.  Grace also gets a lot of homework for her history class.  After she finishes her math, she studies for her tests and works on her homework.  Grace and Charlsey go over key terms and work on concept maps.  Concept maps help students remember the material by linking key terms to other events that they are learning about.  This helps them remember the information in context and strengthens their knowledge on the subject.  For the first time since starting middle school, Grace received all A’s on her progress report!

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