Chalk It Up – Parras Middle School

Every year, Parras Middle School hosts a lively fundraising event that gathers the local community for a day of creative entertainment –ranging from vivacious drum circles to colorful sidewalk art. This would be the second year Study Hut has been participating and supporting local schools like Parras Middle School in Redondo Beach.

The 5×5 ft sidewalk canvas was set up next to dozens of other participants who also wanted to support the local Redondo Beach schools. Our tutors, Valerie Chavez & Vin Castillo represented the Study Hut with chalk in hand and pastel in the other. The creativity was billowing in the air with chalk dust as everyone meticulously crafted their art.

The Study Hut design, with the help of designer/tutor, Jenny Smith, depicted a surfer riding the waves of a book with the great Study Hut logo in the foreground. We thought it was a creative design that united two of Study Hut’s fundamental values: Study hard and have fun doing it. Needless to say, Valerie & Vin couldn’t help but break from their artistic endeavor and join in on the drum circle/limbo contest across the field. Banging on drums and joining the youth in a friendly game of limbo dancing, Study Hut truly exemplifies what it means to be active and supportive in the community.

There was much energy that filled the air at Chalk It Up, but what enticed our olfactory senses was the luscious smell of freshly popped kettle corn. The smell of the sweet and salty treat came in waves that re-energized us from the scorching heat of the sun. I’m sure the Redondo Beach locals were satisfied with the nice heaping bag of kettle corn, shave ice and graphic sidewalk art. Study Hut definitely had a great time at Chalk It Up. We will definitely be there next year to support the local schools of Redondo Beach!

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