Group Math Classes this Summer!

As school winds down and our students head into their last finals of
the year, parents might be starting to look ahead to next semester.
One of the most common sources of anxiety for students and parents is
mathematics. Now, more than ever, high school students are expected to
learn higher math concepts at a faster pace. Common pitfalls, like
organization and study skills, conceptualization, and test taking
anxiety, can add unnecessary stress to students’ lives and affect
their performance in and out of school.

Getting ahead on math during the summer is the best way of keeping
sharp and building confidence for the fall. The Redondo Beach Study
Hut will be offering prep courses in Algebra I & II and Geometry that
focus on the math principles needed for success during the school
semester. Out tutors are experts at bringing mathematics back down to
earth, and since we work in the Torrance and Palos Verdes districts,
we know better than anyone the teaching styles of specific teachers
from each school. Building a strong foundation is key, and Study Hut
has the means to make it a fun, memorable experience!

Our 5-week classes will begin during the last week of July, and they
meet twice a week for a total of 20 hours of math instruction! Making
an investment in math now means less math anxiety and better
comprehension of the more difficult math concepts. Everything is
easier to learn the second time!

Please contact Justin at Justin@studyhut.com or (310) 540-5888 for
more details!

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