SAT 2 Prep: how to prepare

Once a student has figured out the appropriate test dates, the next key step is the actual test prep process for SAT 2 prep.

The first bit of advice is to sign-up to take free diagnostic exams in all the subjects that the student plans on taking.

Afterwards, the parents and student will want to set up a free 30-minute consultation to analyze the score report in detail and receive any further recommendations.  The student’s diagnostic score with their college ambitions will be the two most influential factors in determining how much time will need to go into the prep.


Typically, a student will want to begin the 1-on-1 tutoring process around two months before the actual real test date.  This crucial aspect in the test prep process confirms the student is continually hitting their benchmarks.

To ensure the student is tracking properly, it is important for parents to get feedback every two weeks of prep and after each diagnostic exam.  If a student is not hitting their benchmarks then it is essential to schedule another free 30-minute consultation with the parent, student, and manager in order for everyone to get back on track.

The last step in preparing for the SAT II Subject Exams is every student should register for two consecutive official exam dates, such as May and then also June.

Most students will see a natural score increase on their second try.

By planning on taking two exams (back-to-back) it allows the student the opportunity to work on his or her weaknesses in the month in-between the exams dates.

Every student should prepare to take two test dates for the Subject Exams.

To monitor if a student is retaining the material from the 1-on-1 lessons it is highly recommended that he or she takes at least one diagnostic exam per month during their training.

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