SAT 2 Prep: how to prepare

March 2nd, 2016

Once a student has figured out the appropriate test dates, the next key step is the actual test prep process for SAT 2 prep.

The first bit of advice is to sign-up to take free diagnostic exams in all the subjects that the student plans on taking.

Afterwards, the parents and student will want to set up a free 30-minute consultation to analyze the score report in detail and receive any further recommendations.  The student’s diagnostic score with their college ambitions will be the two most influential factors in determining how much time will need to go into the prep.


Typically, a student will want to begin the 1-on-1 tutoring process around two months before the actual real test date.  This crucial aspect in the test prep process confirms the student is continually hitting their benchmarks.

To ensure the student is tracking properly, it is important for parents to get feedback every two weeks of prep and after each diagnostic exam.  If a student is not hitting their benchmarks then it is essential to schedule another free 30-minute consultation with the parent, student, and manager in order for everyone to get back on track.

The last step in preparing for the SAT II Subject Exams is every student should register for two consecutive official exam dates, such as May and then also June.

Most students will see a natural score increase on their second try.

By planning on taking two exams (back-to-back) it allows the student the opportunity to work on his or her weaknesses in the month in-between the exams dates.

Every student should prepare to take two test dates for the Subject Exams.

To monitor if a student is retaining the material from the 1-on-1 lessons it is highly recommended that he or she takes at least one diagnostic exam per month during their training.

Summer Tutoring

July 9th, 2014

Imagine if each year you allowed three consecutive months to pass without ever considering diet or exercise; the result would be low energy, an underperforming immune system, and many other undesirable consequences. Just like any other part of the human body, the brain requires regular attention and maintenance to perform to its potential.  Students often struggle to get back into the swing of academics after a long summer break, as their brains have been stagnant for weeks on end.  Here at Study Hut Tutoring, we make sure to keep our students sharp through the summer time, allowing an easier entrance into the new school year and helping them to start strong and maintain that impressive GPA throughout the course of the academic year.

Summer tutoring offers many benefits to students.  For some, summer tutoring serves as a valuable time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the previous school year, and to clear up and solidify conceptual understanding that they will need to progress to more advanced courses.  For others, summer tutoring serves as an opportunity to learn new material before being exposed to it in the classroom, giving them more confidence and an easier route to an “A”.  And still for others, we help with writing enrichment, summer reading requirements, and preparation for the Fall SAT and ACT.

Of course, we at Study Hut Tutoring also appreciate the value of leisure time.  Our founders, Rob and Sean, along with our tutors have been making the most of this summer by spending plenty of time on and in the ocean, be it to surf, spearfish, or boat across the channel to Catalina Island.  We will be seeing off our managerial staff on an annual leadership trip at the end of July, and look forward to building an even stronger team to help our students through the remainder of the summer and next school year.

If you would like more information regarding our summer tutoring services, or you would like to sign up your son or daughter for summer help to prepare for the upcoming school year, please feel welcome to contact us at info@studyhut.com.  Enjoy your summer!

The BIG Secret to Preparing for finals

June 11th, 2014

Title: The BIG Secret to Preparing for finals


Do you have any friends who seem to breeze through their finals? While your friends are chilling out, are you stressing out?


How do they do it!?!


They know something you don’t know.


Don’t tell anybody, but I am about to let you in on a big secret. This secret will quite literally change your life- it can make you healthier, less stressed out, and happier.


Here’s the secret to properly preparing for finals: stop cramming.


That’s right, to ace your finals and to be less stressed out about them you need to stop cramming. Cramming up to the last minute pulling marathon all nighters is an inefficient and unhealthy way to study.


Instead of cramming, you need to spread out the work. Starting now, you should take a bit of time (not too little but also not too much) to begin reviewing old notes, problem sets, and exams. The key is for this to be a regimented and manageable review process. If you stick with it and do a little bit each day you will not have to do a lot the weekend before your exams.



The bottom line is that you are going pay now or pay later in terms of preparation.

You can coast now and “pay later” with caffeine-fueled evenings reviewing a semester’s worth of materials in a few days. This is the “drinking from a fire hose” approach. Not fun.

Or you can “pay now” by doing a little bit of preparation each night and spreading out the workload into something more manageable. Being well rested and healthy indisputably helps you perform better exams, this approach of spreading out the work means you will be able to cover more material in a smart way.


An additional benefit of being ahead of the curve when it comes to preparation is if you come across any questions you can ask friends or instructor for extra help and advice.


As Mark Twain (or maybe Agatha Christie) once said, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.” There is no time to wait, start this process now without the unhealthy late-night heroics, and your mind, body, and report card will thank you.

Getting back in the Swing of Fall

August 2nd, 2011

School starts in a month! It’s time to dust the cobwebs off the mind and start easing back into school mode. Summer vacation provides more than enough time to forget last year’s math and science, and when class begins in September, things get hectic fast. New material, homework assignments, and projects are given immediately, so it is best to hit the ground running. Any student would greatly benefit from spending time reviewing old material and getting a head start on new stuff before the school year begins.

Even after two months off, teachers expect their students to remember what they learned the year before and continue building and expanding on it this year. For instance, it is assumed that Algebra 2 students are proficient at simplifying radical expressions, factoring, and solving two-step equations from day one of class. These are all skills learned in Algebra 1, but they can easily get rusty after an extended break. Summer is a perfect time for a refresher before everything kicks into high gear.

Summer is also a good opportunity for a brief introduction to next year’s material. Student’s who have had previous exposure tend to perform exponentially better. Although it is impossible to touch on every topic for the upcoming year, it’s often enough to get the mind jogging with an abbreviated preview.