Getting back in the Swing of Fall

School starts in a month! It’s time to dust the cobwebs off the mind and start easing back into school mode. Summer vacation provides more than enough time to forget last year’s math and science, and when class begins in September, things get hectic fast. New material, homework assignments, and projects are given immediately, so it is best to hit the ground running. Any student would greatly benefit from spending time reviewing old material and getting a head start on new stuff before the school year begins.

Even after two months off, teachers expect their students to remember what they learned the year before and continue building and expanding on it this year. For instance, it is assumed that Algebra 2 students are proficient at simplifying radical expressions, factoring, and solving two-step equations from day one of class. These are all skills learned in Algebra 1, but they can easily get rusty after an extended break. Summer is a perfect time for a refresher before everything kicks into high gear.

Summer is also a good opportunity for a brief introduction to next year’s material. Student’s who have had previous exposure tend to perform exponentially better. Although it is impossible to touch on every topic for the upcoming year, it’s often enough to get the mind jogging with an abbreviated preview.

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