Summer Programms at the Study Hut

The school year is almost over and summer is just around the corner. While many students are excited for the break from schooling, it is important to remember that the summer can be a time of great learning too. Here at the Study Hut we are excited to be offering a number of summer courses to help prepare students for the upcoming school year. One program we are particularly excited about this summer, is the Summer Reading and Writing Workshop Program. This Program is designed to help students with their summer reading assignments and prepare them for the upcoming school year.
This program offers a variety of specialized packages for private one-on-one tutors sessions for all grade levels. Packages range from 10 sessions @$50/session to 30 sessions at $40/session at your convenience throughout the summer. Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade programs focus on the building blocks of reading and writing including “fun-ducational” activities. The 3rd through 5th grade program focuses fluency and comprehension and will include a book report and at-home reading assignments. The 6th through 10th grade programs will focus on advanced writing and literary analysis skills including analyzing literary devices and developing a strong well written essay. All of the programs will include supplemental reading and educational materials to help further develop reading and writing fundamentals.
The Summer Reading and Writing Workshops will be held at both the Redondo Beach and Mannhattan Beach Study Hut locations. For more information about the Redondo Beach location please contact Justin at justin@studyhut.com or call (310) 540-5888. For more information on the Mannhattan Beach location contact Samantha at samantha@studyhut.com or call (310) 546-2408. However you decide to spend your summer,enjoy yourself and remember that here at the Study Hut, we are always happy to help.

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