Summer Reading & Writing Program

With the summer fast approaching, it is easy –almost tempting, to forget school entirely and begin the process of unwinding to prepare for the lazy days ahead. Don’t get us wrong, you deserve this break and you should most definitely take the time to rest your mind and body. However, it is equally important to keep that brain active and prepare for the upcoming school year. So while you are basking in the sun and playing at the beach, do not forget that Study Hut is just a block away to satisfy all your academic cravings. And we have something special in store for you this summer.

The best and brightest tutors at the Hut have designed ingenious reading and writing workshops to not only help you succeed in your classes, but also to hone these skills which will undoubtedly prove to be an asset in your future endeavors. You will actively improve your writing abilities as you navigate through the various styles of essays and you will learn how to read (yes, read) with the goal of extracting facts, recalling vital information without having to continually re-read while boosting your speed without compromising your comprehension. And if you know Study Hut, then you know we will make these workshops fun, informative and interesting. Keep in mind that regardless of the classes you will enroll in, your ability to read and write will directly impact your understanding of the course and ultimately affect your grade. Beyond school, your reading and writing skills will be tested again when you take the SATs and/or ACTs for college and then again during college. And thus, it is in your best interest to invest some time and energy to really develop these skills that are so vital in life.

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