Tips for Acing the SAT

November 7th, 2014

Practice Tests

Take as many practice tests as you possibly can! The general types of questions on the SAT are usually very similar to previous tests, although the passages that you are being asked to answer questions on will differ. This will help you become familiar with the format of the questions on the test, and what specifically they are asking for. It really helps to recognize these patterns on the more difficult questions!

Go in With a Strategy

Every person’s strategy will be different for the SAT depending on his or her strengths. There are a few general things to keep in mind that are applicable to all students. First, remember that there is a guessing penalty on the SAT. Unlike the ACT, the SAT takes off one quarter of a point for every incorrect guess. It is usually not in your best interest to answer every single question on the SAT. If you can narrow it down to two answers that seem like they can work, it may be worth it to try and guess, but if you have no idea what the question is asking you should skip it.

Be Prepared

It would be a total bummer to go through all your test preparation and then have your score be affected because your calculator died or you didn’t have a good eraser. Make sure to always bring a back up calculator and all the supplies/identification you need on test day.     If you haven’t started preparing for the SAT, come take a diagnostic practice test at Study Hut! We can figure out a personalized package and program to get you your best score!