PV Scholar Quiz 2016

March 6th, 2016

Are you ready with all your random Jeopardy knowledge and facts? You’d better be ready; PV Scholar Quiz 2016: Scholars Awaken is coming to Palos Verdes High School in just one short week! To spice up this year’s tournament, students and faculty are both allowed to create teams to compete to be named the PV Scholar Quiz Champions of 2016. With 69 teams initially signed up for the Quiz, 68 have advanced to the final March Madness tournament. This year, Team Sorry will be seeking revenge for their loss to last year’s winners who graduated. Students Duncan Reid, Brian Kaufman, Matt Donahue, and Austin Rule make up the formidable Team Sorry.

How does it work?

You’ve seen the TV quiz show Jeopardy, right? Contestants answer questions in different categories, have a certain amount of time to give their answer, and win points for each correct answer? That’s the one! In the Scholar Quiz, teams of four faculty or students answer questions in three different formats: Lightning Rounds, Toss Up Questions, and Bonus Rounds. Any question asked can be on any number of different topics, no matter the format. In a single match, there are two teams of four students or faculty each, a Reader, a Judge, and a Scorer.

Contestants can expect to see both academic questions, like English or United States History, and more fun or random categories, such as famous quotations or music. Each team is given a placard to raise in order to pose an answer to a question. The first team to raise their placard has the first opportunity to answer the question. The rival team is given an opportunity to answer the same question if the first team fails to answer the question correctly. Either team can answer a Toss Up question, which will lead to a Bonus Round for the team who answers it correctly first. During the Bonus Round, this team is given an opportunity to answer four questions on one central topic, each worth five points for a bonus of up to twenty points for that team. In a Lightning Round, ten questions are given rapid fire to both teams. Each team is only allowed to answer once, but are penalized for questions answered incorrectly. Unlike Jeopardy, where individuals compete with only their own knowledge to support them, teammates are allowed to work together in the Scholar Quiz.

When is it?

PV Scholar Quiz 2016 will take place from March 7th to March 14th. Student teams will compete amongst themselves as will the faculty teams to determine the top teams in those categories. The highly anticipated final round will be held on March 14th to determine the real winners of the Scholar Quiz: students or faculty. But wait…there’s more! The winners will take home a minimum $1000 cash scholarship! Good luck to all contestants and teams – may the F = ma be with you.

PV Scholar Quiz 2016

Study Hut is Scholar Quiz

March 22nd, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to announce its involvement in this year’s Scholar Quiz at Palos Verdes High School. As many people in the South Bay know, Study Hut has been sponsoring the Scholar Quiz at Mira Costa High School for several years now. And with our involvement level as high as it is with the Palos Verdes High School AVID program, it only makes sense that we are now sponsoring the PV High Scholar Quiz tournament.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Scholar Quiz, it is a fast-paced academic tournament in which students on teams of four are asked to answer questions as quickly as possible. It is a lot like Jeopardy, except students can stop the reader and answer the questions at any time.

Scholar Quiz represents all that is Study Hut. We love trivia, we love studying, and we love when students work hard and receive the recognition they deserve for all of their efforts. One of Study Hut’s founders, SP, made it to the semis at Mira Costa’s 2003 tourney. Today, many of our tutors volunteer as readers, timers, and scorekeepers for the Scholar Quiz at Mira Costa, and the Scholar Quiz at Manhattan Beach Middle School. MBMS’s Scholar Quiz is always fun, because oftentimes parents come to support their kids, and even students who are not signed up for the program still visit various teachers’ classrooms to root for their friends’ teams. Teachers are always excited to host all of the students in their classrooms, and some teachers get really into it, reading questions and facilitating the tournament in their classrooms like professional referees.

We are as excited as ever to be entering the Scholar Quiz season, and for those of you who go to Mira Costa or PV High, we hope you enjoy the t-shirts this yea.