Blog written by a USC tutor

April 15th, 2014

Today we were given a helmet from USC as a gift with the signature of a previous USC Coach. Therefore, we decided to have one of our tutors from USC write us a blog.

During the past four years, I have had the privilege of learning and growing at the University of Southern California.  I learned that graduates of USC not only have advanced knowledge in diverse topics, but are also prepared to share what they know with others.  Most students at USC take advantage of the opportunity to study in different fields and use their interdisciplinary background to understand how others think.  They are then able to apply this to working with students here at Study Hut.

The diverse student body at USC provides unique experiences you cannot get at other schools.  Graduates from USC understand how to work with people who come from different backgrounds and are able to learn from them as well.  This also means that to get into USC, you need to have a diverse background yourself.  Students from USC have tons of extracurricular activities and varying educational interests which helps the USC tutors understand how to work with the different students they help.

Classes at USC provide lots of opportunities for the students to teach different topics.  In almost every class I took, there was an assignment to research and learn about a subject, master that subject, and then present our findings to the class.  We learned how to explain difficult concepts to classmates who had very little background in the topic.  On top of that, the professors encouraged collaboration between classmates when we were studying for exams.  Within study groups, we would break up different topics that needed to be covered and teach the rest of the group.  On the other hand, we would learn from our classmates and understood what teaching methods work and which don’t.  Seeing both sides of teaching and learning helps us USC students understand how to not just teach effectively, but also how to adapt the methods to make sure it fits the student’s learning style.

USC tutors are extremely prepared to teach and alter their teaching method to best fit the student’s learning abilities.  They have diverse backgrounds and a wide base of knowledge that helps them relate to and understand every student making them better tutors.  Lastly, USC graduates are able to spell at an exceptional level and can count higher than 8.

What makes the Study Hut Family Awesome

March 7th, 2011

As a parent, you care about the success of your child. If you read any of our posts you will hear about the children that have found inspiration as part of the Study Hut family to live to their fullest potential. What you may not know is that we hire tutors not only because they are from some of the top universities, Columbia, UC Davis, UCLA, USC and UC Berkeley, but we also hire our tutors because of the unique, worldly perspectives they bring to our students. Our tutors are highly sought after medical school candidates. They are people who have traveled all around the world, living in places like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Japan, France, Spain, The Netherlands and West Africa. They are accomplished musicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists and engineers. They have not only succeeded in the top educational institutes our country has to offer, but have brought these lessons to fruition through the country and throughout the world.

Many tutoring places offer a number two pencil, practice tests and flash cards. Study Hut offers the inspiration needed to fuel students’ dreams over and beyond the high school classroom. Our tutors still have the memories of college and high school fresh in their minds. We understand where your student is coming from. We understand that learning is an objective that requires us to live both inside and outside a textbook. We understand what they need to be their best. Why do students still come to Study Hut when they aren’t in a tutoring session? Why do you see students smiling when you walk into Study hut? Why do students decide that they want to be here? It’s because we offer more students more than just learning we offer them success.