Welcome Tommy to MBMS Wednesday Mornings


Our wednesday mornings have been going great so far this year at Manhattan Beach Middle School. We want to welcome tutor Tommy to our Wednesday morning tutoring sessions. Ashley has to go student teaching now so we have recruited Tommy to help us out!

We have had a great turnout these past two weeks and have been getting a lot of good press from the school!

The last two times we have been at the Middle School we had 20-30 students show up both times which is better than the turnout from last year.

We are in a new room this year on the 2nd floor and have a lot of space for the students.

We have three tutors that attend the Wednesday morning tutoring to help the students out in any subject that they need.

We have two teacher aids that sit with us in the classroom to help out and facilitate the morning.

The students love coming to eat doughnuts since we bring doughnuts in the morning to get the students pumped up and excited to come to Wednesday morning tutoring.

We will be there every Wednesday at 8am to help students during late start and we hope to see a lot of students there!

If more students start to show up we may extend into another classroom to make sure that we have enough room for all the students!

Many of the students there on Wednesday worked on math and Social Studies.

Only a few of the students who come into the Wednesday morning at students at the Study Hut, so we have enjoyed meeting new students and hoping that they will come to the Study Hut as well!

So far we’ve had a great turn out and MBMS has been great to work with and have worked with us during every step.

Let us know if you have any questions or you can call our Manhattan office at (310)546-2408 with any questions or inquiries that you have!


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