Chemistry, Geometry and Algebra 3-4

Mira Costa High School students have the most trouble with chemistry, Geometry and Algebra. The best chemistry tutor is someone who can help you with material and explain it in a way you understand, but also, someone who has attended chemistry at Mira Costa in the last 6 years (so we’re ultra fresh and know exactly where you struggle most).

Study Hut Tutoring is a premier tutoring center unlike any other. Locally owned and operated, we grew up in the South Bay, graduated Mira Costa High School and have returned from college to help locals succeed in challenging classes. Giving the best service each hour is our number one objective.

We don’t rely on expensive advertising budgets. We give you outstanding local service because we know that this kind of service speaks volumes about the comprehensive tutoring at Study Hut. The Hut advantage is our personalized investment- every time. We will give you the best tutoring so you will leave here wanting to tell your friends that Study Hut “doesn’t suck.” www.StudyHut.com is full of testimonials backing up what we have set out to accomplish each and every tutoring hour.

We tutor all Manhattan Beach students and help them with their online courses. BYU online classes are our specialty. Come in to learn about proofs, theorems and postulates for your Geometry class. Figure out what you couldn’t understand from your long boring day of class. Not only will Study Hut Tutoring help you rebuild your foundation, but we will arm you with strategy to ensure you perform when stressed and lacking time.

Study Hut Tutoring offers targeted one-on-one tutoring; and yes, we attended Mira Costa High School and have undergone the challenges you now face. All of the students come to Study Hut and are matched up with a tutor based on individual needs. No testing or hour-long assessment is necessary. We will talk with you to find out where you need the most help. We have two locations so you’re never too far away. If you are in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes or Torrance, we can service your academic needs.

Manhattan Beach tutoring location: 880 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, California 90266

Call the Study Hut and get a time that works well for you: 310 546 2408 (MB) or Rob@StudyHut.com

Redondo Beach tutoring location: 210 Avenue I Ste. D Redondo Beach, California 90277

Phone: 310 540 5888 or email Tamer@Studyhut.com

Really, there is no need to go to tutoring elsewhere…we tutor every subject at every level yet still individualize each hour every time you arrive at the Hut. Do other tutoring spots offer local one-on-one tutoring in multiple subjects during the same hour? If they do, they are not as local, not as non-corporate and not as fresh as Study Hut. The Hut is not school, not a typical boring office, and not another lame tutoring place.

Whether you are a Mira Costa Football player, or you are really in need of a Manhattan Beach tutor who will give it to you straight (allowing you to earn straight A’s), Study Hut is the best Hut for the job. Here is a formula website (or two) to help you get started with tough chemistry and math assignments:



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