A Great Redondo Beach Tutor

(310) 540-5888 is the phone number for Study Hut Tutoring and one Redondo Beach tutor, Tamer Makeen. Tamer runs Study Hut Tutoring in South Redondo Beach. Located conveniently at 210 Avenue I, Tamer is booking tutoring appointments at an incredible rate. Redondo Beach High School, Palos Verdes High School, Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Preparatory and Chadwick students find the instruction at the Hut extremely helpful.

When we asked 9th grader Janelle Darman about the Study Hut in Redondo Beach she was eager to exclaim, “I’m excited to learn with Tamer and the Hut team at least twice a week. His Hut is the coolest place I’ve been to, and my two worst grades in math and biology are now my two best grades thanks to all the affordable one-on-one help I receive each hour.”

Tamer and his team excel academically across the board. His team of recent college grads, mixed with the local knowledge of schools, teachers and curriculum, help to create a culture that fuels the ambition of even the most “turned-off” student. Some current Hut goers include: a 4th grader for writing, an 11th grader for SATs, and an 8th grader in organization and study skills.

The Hut is also helping students prepare for college. Specialized tutors at Study Hut help seniors with applications, essays and course loads. Tamer is adamant about having people call even if they have a simple question. “I’m a local tutor/business owner here to assist other locals.” Tamer surfs too…

Study Hut Tutors work from the Study Hut locations in Manhattan Beach and South Redondo. All the students arrive at Study Hut Sunday through Friday mostly after school and in the evening. Because Study Hut Tutoring tailors to each individual, there is no one-size-fits-all method.

The Hut promulgates students to excel in their own way. Whether help is needed with organization, science, writing or test-preparation, the local tutors at the Hut cater to the specific needs of each student. “I’m really excited when a student performs well after a great session- I go home feeling great, and so does our student.” Tamer’s background in math and science allows him to be dynamic and receptive to different types of students.

Whether you’re a great student, or a struggling one, Study Hut Tutoring offers instruction on everything from study skills to Spanish. Stop by the Study Hut in Redondo Beach, CA 90277 or call Tamer at 310 540 5888.

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