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Think it’s too early to start tutoring? Getting organized at the beginning and learning good study habits helps to prevent missed deadlines, messy backpacks, and procrastination later on. Weekly visits to the Study Hut for elementary school and middle school students help develop good study habits and organizational skills that prevent high school stress and aggravation.

Elementary school and middle school students from all over the South Bay make weekly visits to the Study Hut with friendly tutors that help them organize their backpacks and school supplies, develop methods for test preparation, and help with homework assignments. The important part about elementary tutoring is not always just the factual information but the experience of organizing and developing good study habits that carry over into middle school, high school, and beyond.

At the Study Hut, younger students get the opportunity to see older students having fun while doing work. These students are invaluable role models that demonstrate that high school is not just about getting a driver’s license and having freedom, but doing school work is an important part of adolescent life. Developing good habits at a young age is extremely important for child development and there is no better place to develop these good work habits than the Study Hut in the South Bay. Students from Pacific, Meadows, Pennekamp, Robinson, Grandview, Hermosa Valley Elementary, Alta Vista Elementary, Beryl Heights Elementary, American Martyrs, Chadwick, and other South Bay schools have taken the initiative to start forming good work habits early and preparing for their future.

Joining the Study Hut Community now prevents future frustration for students and parents. Good organizational skills help students stay motivated and keep them prepared for all the challenges they will face in middle school and high school.

We tailor to each student and charge by the hour.  Most of our students work at The Hut twice a week to establish continuity with the tutor.  We tutor students who are preparing for the SAT as well as all other exams, tests, quizzes or long term assignments.  Oh, and you need help with online help too?  Yea, we definitely help students excel with anything related to academics and the computer.  Give us a call.  It’s an Easy call and it’s the best decision you can make today.

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