“I Hate this Class” “I Don’t get it”

December 21st, 2010

The best thing about tutoring is: the opportunity to find success through anothers’. For every achievement, milestone, and triumph over academia, you are there beside your student. The successful tutor takes pride in helping his or her students achieve their academic goals, as their accomplishments reflect the quality and care of the teaching you’ve provided.

The position of a tutor requires patience, flexibility, and often a bit of ingenuity to relate
material that a student is struggling with. Sometimes the struggle results from poor in-class instruction; other times, it results from a wall being put up, as is the case with the mutually hated subjects (read: Chemistry, Geometry, and Trig). From this wall, springs a fountain of: “I hate this class,” “when am I ever going to use this?” and the banal “I don’t get it.” Ultimately, the goal of every successful tutor is to cap this negative-thought fountain and establish a strong base for breaking down the barriers of understanding. If a strong conceptual understanding is established, the student can go forth and apply
what he or she has learned both in and outside of class. The development of acute critical thinking skills in high school, junior high, even elementary school, is imperative to their successful triumph over the multitude of problems that college, and life, will throw at them. It is our job, as tutors, to cultivate these skills through theoretical and practical applications.

I work with many Chemistry honors and AP students, and although I can’t convince all of them that being able to synthesize the Sodium Laureth Sulfate in their shampoo bottle is really cool, I can convince them that Chemistry is totally conquerable. By relating a subject’s facts and ideas to everyday concepts (i.e. combustion reactions produce water: that’s why some cars drip water from their tailpipes) and being upfront about what is expected of them in their courses (sorry, but the polyatomic ions are just rote memorization), I’ve found success as a tutor.

South Bay tutoring

January 26th, 2009

Join the hosts of other students from Pacific, Meadows, Pennekamp, Robinson, Grandview, Hermosa Valley Elementary, Alta Vista Elementary, Beryl Heights Elementary, American Martyrs, Chadwick, and other schools. Students from South Bay schools flock to Study Hut Tutoring for all their Spanish, U.S. History, AP Chemistry, SAT Prep, AP Biology, Trig and Algebra needs!! Our unique environment is unlike any other tutoring facility. Read the rest of this entry »

Palos Verdes Tutoring

September 10th, 2008


(310) 540-5888 for Palos Verdes tutoring in the Redondo Beach Riviera office

Think it’s too early to start tutoring? Getting organized at the beginning and learning good study habits helps to prevent missed deadlines, messy backpacks, and procrastination later on. Weekly visits to the Study Hut for elementary school and middle school students help develop good study habits and organizational skills that prevent high school stress and aggravation.

Elementary school and middle school students from all over the South Bay make weekly visits to the Study Hut with friendly tutors that help them organize their backpacks and school supplies, develop methods for test preparation, and help with homework assignments. The important part about elementary tutoring is not always just the factual information but the experience of organizing and developing good study habits that carry over into middle school, high school, and beyond.

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