Fall SAT Class and Free Diags!

August 8th, 2012

Well, this is it, summer is almost over! It’s time to set those alarm clocks, get your notebooks ready, and get back in to the swing of the school year. Here at the Hut we are preparing for an influx of students who need a little extra help during the school year. For high school students, we are offering an SAT prep course as well as free diagnostic tests to get ready for this all-important testing season! To get the process started, just sign up for one of our “diags”, we’ll score it and schedule a meeting to go over the results and discuss college and training options. The class is 7 weeks long, and meets from 9/18 until 11/1. We cap it at a maximum of ten students for more student/teacher contact, and it will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 pm. This means that each student will get 28 hours of extra preparation! The total cost of the course is $895, but if you sign up by 8/31, we will discount the price by $100. That means it will only be $795 for 28 hours of class! We will also be offering diagnostic tests on four Saturdays: 9/8, 9/29, 10/13, and 10/27 at 8 am. These tests will give us an initial score to improve upon, and track the progress each student makes. It will also give the students a good sense of the timing of the test, and come test day, minimize their anxiety. Let us give you a helping hand in tackling this important test!

Beach Cities Volleyball SAT training

May 4th, 2011

It is our pleasure to announce that SAT training at Study Hut Tutoring will begin a new chapter this weekend. Our partnership with Beach Cities Volleyball has blossomed into a positive, synergistic relationship, and now students from all across the South Bay are able to benefit.

This weekend, Study Hut Redondo Beach will be hosting a free diagnostic test for all high school students affiliated with Beach Cities Volleyball. The results will be entered and analyzed, and beginning the following weekend, we will begin the actual training at the Rolling Hills Prep gym. This is a perfect environment for several reasons: the space is large and comfortable; the space is already familiar to players and family members of players in the program; and, the technology, equipment, and office furniture necessary for group instruction is already in place.

The SAT group course will run 14 weeks, and students will learn various strategies for domination the Critical Reading, Math, and Writing sections of the SAT. We will emphasize organization, time management, and strategies that help students improve their scores specifically, rather than just teaching zoomed out strategies that are supposed to be effective for the masses.

The group course with Beach Cities Volleyball is very similar to the course offered seasonally at all three Study Hut locations, so please feel free to call any of our branches, or email us at info@studyhut.com.