Peninsula High School Tutoring

Study Hut, located in the friendly neighborhoods of Manhattan and Redondo Beach, is the place to be on weeknights. Inside, it is impossible to feel lost or overwhelmed with the friendly staff and relaxing environment. Gone are the days of cold and sullen study rooms instead Study Hut is a warm, vibrant, safari themed place that is equipped with all the resources needed to learn. Students from all over Palos Verdes of varying ages and varying schools such as Miraleste, PV Intermediate, Ridgecrest, PVHS, Peninsula, and Ranch Del Mar come to Study Hut and receive help in a wide-range of subjects. The Hut helps students develop study habits, organizational skills, and positive attitudes needed for scholastic success.

Study Hut is unique in its appeal to both students and parents. Through one-hour blocks, tutors provide students with personalized learning plans that cater to the students’ academic needs. With its wide variety of tutors, Study Hut can help with chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry, trig, English, history, and Spanish- just to name a few. The individualized attention from college graduates coupled with the laid-back pressure free environment allows students to reach both long and short-term goals such as increasing their GPA, finishing homework on time and acing an upcoming test or quiz. Furthermore, attending Study Hut can eliminate frustration with school for kids who find themselves struggling or challenge students where schoolwork comes easy to them. Study Hut keeps kids motivated and teaches students to take initiative in their education. Through its dedication to help students succeed in school and the tutors’ ability to make almost any subject fun to learn, Study Hut goes beyond traditional tutoring services.

For any remaining skeptics, just remember: one of the best investments you can make is in your child’s education.

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