Manhattan Beach kids have all kinds of commitments-chances are your son or daughter’s on a sports team, taking music lessons, or staying on campus for Madrigals or Model UN. More and more busy students find that a weekly appointment or two at the Study Hut keeps school on the agenda. That’s because Hut tutors are committed to your son or daughter’s academic success.

Our energetic young staff comprises recent college graduates who grew up in the South Bay and attended Grand View Elementary, Meadows Elementary, Pacific Elementary, Pennekamp Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Circle of Love, Manhattan Academy, Del Sol, American Martyrs, Rolling Hills Preparatory, Manhattan Beach Middle School, Chadwick, and Mira Costa. Not only can our tutors explain trig functions, but we know what you mean when you say Mr. Rucker’s the hardest teacher at MBMS-and we know just how to prepare your daughter for his multiple choice.

Every day, we work with elementary, middle, and high school students to maximize performance and learning. First we tackle immediate concerns-pressing assignments, tough homework, and upcoming quizzes and tests. Organizing and prioritizing are at the top of our agenda. We set goals, and orient our sessions around them. Our approach isn’t just about passing a test tomorrow-it’s about positioning your son or daughter for future success. With the right attitude, and a commitment to comprehension and study skills, our clients turn Ds into Bs, switch up to Honors English, or score 5s on their AP exams. Some students come to us at a point of academic crisis; we provide the structure and support to get on track and stay there. Many come because they’re doing great now, but they’re worried about the essays they’ll face as they transition to middle or high school. Others attend GATE but crave even more stimulation. Students like this need enrichment, and we can focus on reading comprehension, writing exercises, or mathematics. Still other students are looking for a relaxed environment where they can get through nightly homework, and we do that too. For families with busy schedules, we’re here to develop a proactive academic plan-and to keep your son or daughter on it!

Study habits only get more important as classes get harder, and many of our clients come from Mira Costa High School. Whether it’s Chemistry or Trigonometry, Geometry, Spanish, even the SATs, our tutors not only explain confusing concepts, they learned them at Costa-often from the same teacher! Sometimes it’s not just one class-it’s juggling all of them, plus a sport or volunteer work or college applications. Keeping your head above water and your schoolwork successful is our specialty. How can you tell? Take a look at any Costa team-volleyball, lacrosse, football-many of these athletes are our clients. The Hut’s where Mustangs come for individually tailored and affordable one-on-one tutoring.

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