My Daughter Needs Help in School! What Should I Do?

Hi Study Hut Tutoring,

My daughter is an 8th grader at a middle school in the Torrance

Unified School District, and this year she has really been struggling with her classes. I’m not sure if her classes are getting harder, she isn’t trying as hard as she used to, sports are taking up too much of her time or what! I know she’s a bright girl and she’s always done well in her classes before, but I just don’t know what’s happening this year. Can you offer some advice? Thanks!
-Mrs. K

Dear Mrs. K.,
What your daughter is experiencing this year is something that is not uncommon for many students her age. Middle school is the time when
children have to learn to manage their schedules more effectively with the demands of after school activities, sports, social interaction and
more rigorous schoolwork. One thing that sets Study Hut Tutoring apart from some of the other learning centers in the South Bay is that
we focus on the student as a whole, rather than merely concentrating on one specific subject. By providing a 1 on 1 tutor experience, we
allow our staff to truly get to know their students and build rapport with them, so that we can then teach effective study habits, time
management skills, and most importantly become better overall students. We have been fortunate enough to work with students from
all the Torrance Elementary Schools, (Adams, Anza, Arlington, Arnold, Carr, Edison, Fern, Hickory, Lincoln, Riviera, Seaside, Torrance,
Towers, Victor, Walteria, Wood and Yukon), Torrance Middle Schools,(Bert Lynn, Calle Mayor, Casimir, Hull, Jefferson, Madrona, Magruder
and Richardson), and Torrance High Schools, (North, Shery, South, Torrance and West). We also work with students from cities all over
the South Bay, from Palos Verdes to El Segundo, Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach, and everywhere in between. Feel free to contact us
at either our Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach locations, and we look forward to helping your daughter pull her grades up, become a better
student, (and have some fun too)!
Study Hut Tutoring

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