Senioritis – A Cautionary Tale

November 28th, 2012

Senioritis (n): a disease, primarily afflicting students that are about to graduate, that causes them to feel like they no longer need to do their work because “We’re almost outta here! Woo!”

Senioritis is an epidemic that sweeps the nation every spring. High School seniors, looking forward to the summer and, beyond that, college, are particularly susceptible to the senioritis bug. Once infected, students become lazy, and often fail to turn in their work. Many feel that, because they have already been admitted to the college of their choice, they no longer have anything to fear from High School. Their quality of work slips and, along with it, so do their grades. But these students are not, in fact, immune to bad grades. Unbeknownst to many of the afflicted, colleges do in fact pay attention to spring semester grades. Known side-effects of senioritis include reduction or loss of scholarships, getting dropped from the admissions list of their college of choice (this does happen), and even failure to graduate. The outlook for sufferers of senioritis is often grim.

Don’t let senioritis get you too! There are many ways to shield yourself from the adverse effects of the disease, but the most effective preventative measure is to stay motivated! Remember that your grades still matter right up until the last day of school! We all know that school can be tough, and boring, and that the promise of summer is already glowing brightly. But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to take a break.

To look at it another way, senior year is actually the most concentrated year of your career! Due to graduation practice, yearbook signing days, AP Testing, CAHSEE tests, Senior Ditch Day, Capstone Project, and cramming in some final volunteering hours, the amount of time you actually have to study and earn points in your senior year are limited. Therefore, every moment counts, so buckle-down, suite-up, strap-in, and finish up your final year on a good note!

Good luck!

Big tests coming up!

April 26th, 2012

As some of us are starting to wind down with summer on the horizon, some of you are getting ready to take the big test, the admissions killer, the SAT. It may sound overwhelming to balance school, extra curriculars, and studying for the SAT, but there are steps you can take to make it easier on yourself. Keep a balance to your life, and get help if you are struggling or just want to make things easier. At the Study Hut, we can give you that extra help you need. We’ll help you manage your time, stay ahead in your classes, and we also offer premium SAT tutoring if you want that 2,300 score. SAT time in high school is a stressful period, but get the help you can and come out on top. College is right around the corner and this is the last stretch, give it your all!

Some you may also be taking AP Tests. At the study hut we are offering a free AP Practice Test in the subject of your choosing this Saturday the 28th from 8am to 11am. If you are interested in taking it, which you should be if you’re planning to take the AP test in May, shoot Sam an email at Samantha@studyhut.com and specify the test you wish to take.

Remember, these tests may be overwhelming at first, but through slow and steady practice, improvement will show, and your confidence will rise. Once you have confidence that you are going to do well, the rest is cake, so use every resource at your disposal and ensure yourself the best score possible. Good luck!

AP Exams – Coming Soon!!

April 4th, 2012

As AP Season approaches, it’s normal to get a little apprehensive. However, keep in mind that AP Exams in no way define you as a person nor are they the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to college admissions. Sure, a good score can boost your app, but it’s not going to make or break an acceptance. With that in mind, there a couple things you can do to help prepare for the exam:
First, don’t procrastinate. It’s really easy to let AP test prep slip down the ranks on your To-Do list, but doing a little prep everyday is better than spending the weekend before your test cramming a year’s worth of information into your brain. If you haven’t already started, start gathering up the prep materials that your teacher has given you so far and organize them by topic. Pick a topic and give yourself at least an hour or so everyday and start reviewing the material.
Second, don’t do the same type of prep everyday. Change it up. For example, instead of reading through your notes or summaries first, you may want to look at the questions on an old AP exam and see what you remember and what you don’t. That way you can focus on weaker topics and review the stronger ones later. If you need/want more material for your studies, check out the College Board website (may have old exams posted) or go to the library and flip through a couple test prep books (Barrons, Five Steps to a 5, etc.). Study groups are also a great way to motivate both yourself and others!
Lastly, know that you’re not alone in this! The Study Hut is here to help you! The tutors have all been through the AP exam process multiple times and have taken a wide array of subjects. Not only are they familiar with the material and exam structure, but they also know how you feel and what you’re going through and are always here for that extra moral support!