PSAT tutoring at PV High

February 14th, 2011

Spring semester is underway at Palos Verdes High School, and for sophomores in the AVID program, this means exposure to a whole new style of testing. As many of us know, the SAT is a very different type of test. Likewise, the PSAT is meant to serve as preliminary exposure to this different testing style for 10th grade students. For most sophomores, the PSAT is the first test they have ever seen in which there is a penalty for guessing incorrectly.

On a typical exam in history class or biology, a student is encouraged to answer each and every question to the best of his or her abilities. Any question the student is unsure about should be guessed at using strategies such as elimination. The same is not true of the SAT and the PSAT – on these tests, students must determine their own confidence level on a given problem, and must answer two questions:

– Is this question worth spending time considering?
– Can I eliminate one or more answers with certainty?

The truth is that most students have tremendous difficulty with answering these questions, which is why so many students need training for the SAT.

PV High AVID students have a huge advantage, then, because they are exposed to this style of test at an earlier age. It gives students more time to adjust to the style and become acclimated to the scoring system. Moreover, these students receive this training for free, as a perk of being part of such a prestigious program, and because of the excellent relationship between Study Hut Tutoring and the Palos Verdes High School AVID program. It is no wonder than dozens of students are turned away from the program each year, and it should come as no surprise that the application process for 8th graders is so competitive.

Palos Verdes Middle School Tutor

May 12th, 2009

When attending middle school, organization is key to success, and that is why we focus a lot of our energy on the implementation of organizational skills. Assuring students’ backpacks are clean and folders have dividers are ways we aid in promoting the success of our students. We try to incorporate good habits while the students are young so they can really utilize these skills as they get older. As students grow, so does their workload,  and organization only becomes that much more important with age.
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Palos Verdes High School Tutoring

February 23rd, 2009

Attention Palos Verdes High Sea Kings! Are Mr. Broughton’s math problems making your head hurt? Confused on how to tackle Mr. Whitmer’s assignment? No worries, just pop into Study Hut, your neighborhood school assistant center. Come in and get help from people familiar with your school’s curriculum and your teacher’s expectations. Many of our tutors went to your school, and some even had your particular teacher, so they are prepared and eager to help you ace every test they throw at you. Read the rest of this entry »