Palos Verdes High School Tutoring

Attention Palos Verdes High Sea Kings! Are Mr. Broughton’s math problems making your head hurt? Confused on how to tackle Mr. Whitmer’s assignment? No worries, just pop into Study Hut, your neighborhood school assistant center. Come in and get help from people familiar with your school’s curriculum and your teacher’s expectations. Many of our tutors went to your school, and some even had your particular teacher, so they are prepared and eager to help you ace every test they throw at you.
Transitioning to a high-school-paced environment can be tricky. We understand that bad grades don’t mean you are dumb, lazy, or a bad student. Teachers’ faster lesson plans can catch you off guard which makes you fall behind. Going home with hours and hours of homework not only takes getting used to, it takes a greater sense of organization which you may not have practice with. Most of all, the deeper level of thought that is demanded by teachers is nothing that is obtained in your sleep, but requires a little instruction that you may not be getting in the classroom. We are well aware of these very common problems, and can work with you to hone your study skills.
While study skills are imperative to excelling in high school, what’s even more important are three things that that go above and beyond just doing what is asked of you: Practice, practice, PRACTICE! When you come to study hut, we will not only get your general skills sharp, we will analyze and focus on the subjects and lessons that give you the most trouble. We won’t just help you with homework; we will create extra practice that you do with us until you can do it in your sleep. Sometimes the way a teacher explains something does not quite hit home with you; our job is to cater the lesson to your individual understanding so that it CLICKS.
So come into Study Hut and surround yourself with scholastic role models who will structure lessons and skills to fit your individual personality.

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