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Attention students of Redondo Beach: Study Hut Tutoring offers tutoring for students in the Redondo Beach Area. Study Hut Tutoring is able to offer service to students from Paris Middle School and Redondo Union High School; the tutors at Study Hut are familiar with the area and many have taken the same classes taught by the same teachers as their students. This familiarity allows the tutors of Study Hut to have a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances of their students; our knowledge of the school curriculum allows us to plan an accurate, efficient, and usable study plan. The help we give to our students is not only limited to homework and test preparation as our teaching methods incorporate important life skills including but not limited to: organizing (keeping an organized backpack and folder), planning (use of a daily planner), punctuality. We are able to help students in all levels of Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Math, and Spanish. Our tutoring philosophy revolves around the effectiveness of 1 on 1 tutoring. This method allows us to assign the tutor that is most fit for the student both in terms of content and circumstance.  Redondo Beach tutoring is the most effective because we are local experts and we have more than one expert in the same room.  This means that if you have a question that is stumping your tutor, which rarely happens, other experts are eager to collaborate and offer and explanation.  The tutors in Redondo Beach are intrigued and invigorated by tough problems as well as the prospects of hoping students achieve their own academic goals.  Study Hut tutoring is also available for standardized testing preparation such as the SAT. If you are a student in the Redondo Beach Area or a concerned parent of a student of the Redondo Beach Area, please feel free to inquire at redondo@studyhut.com or call (310) 540-5888.

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