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The question of “why should I get my child a tutor?” is classically covered with a packaged response that stresses the mood for individual attention and pressuring study skills. While these are true, the reality of tutoring actually goes much deeper than this. In today’s technological age, it is more important than ever to set aside some time each week to just focus on school work without being tempted to just surf the web. Tutoring at Study Hut offers tools and knowledge for students who are faced with tough classes.
“But I make sure my child has focused study time every night, and I am well aware of where they have trouble.” An outside tutor can still be valuable by bringing yet another point of view on various scheduling techniques. For instance, organization can be approached in many different equally valid ways, and given these options from a non-parent figure can help to bring about an important shift in the students school life. A more specific example would be problem solving in higher mathematics. They get one method from their teacher, perhaps another from their parents, and getting a third one can only help their understanding of the overall concept.
The environment at Study Hut goes even farther than those perks. Our tutors are all familiar with the community teachers, school books, general lessons, and even particular homework assignments. We know that getting the student out of their comfortable home-atmosphere helps the student focus on the task at hand. Finally, our center is often serving kids who are having the same problems or studying the same problems, making it the hour fly by while students have a solid understanding of the subject matter.

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