Torrance Geometry Tutoring

Are you a high school student in the Torrance area experiencing pressure in your Geometry class? Are you a parent in the South Bay concerned about your child’s grades and performance in high school Geometry?

Working one on one with a Study Hut tutor will help students discover that this course isn’t as frightening as they expected. We want to expel anxiety and nervousness! We completely know how it feels to be lost in a subject. But, we also have solutions. We will help you isolate the problems, examine them closely, and help students understand what they’re made of. The first step to help coping with pressure and stress in geometry is to SEE and visualize the problem. Geometry deals with the concept of matter perception, so we incorporate materials in a visual, kinesthetic, and auditory way.

Geometry doesn’t have to be difficult. We break down concepts and simplify what at first seems complicated as shown in textbooks or test problems. If you do not understand the vocabulary, then you won’t understand what the problem is asking for. We reinforce vocabulary as well as important rules and concepts to tackle those tricky proofs and theorems by use of flashcards, practice tests, and verbalizing key terms and solidify concepts. Continuous exposure with postulates, conjectures, and theorems will be continuously drilled and reviewed.

If we find that you’re a little week on some of the concepts or steps in Geometry, then we will simply just go back and work on your building blocks in order to find what the problem is. Sometimes we don’t understand a concept because the explanation is just plain bad or it’s not written in a way we can understand. We offer an alternate mode of communication that gives additional explanations and sample problems to work out.

Most importantly, the environment at Study Hut is laid back and stress-free. After a long day in a classroom setting, this is a place where you can come and ask any questions you have in any or all subjects. Tutors motivate, inspire, and get you back on task in order to build effective study skills and long-term improvements.

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