Palos Verdes Middle School Tutor

When attending middle school, organization is key to success, and that is why we focus a lot of our energy on the implementation of organizational skills. Assuring students’ backpacks are clean and folders have dividers are ways we aid in promoting the success of our students. We try to incorporate good habits while the students are young so they can really utilize these skills as they get older. As students grow, so does their workload, ¬†and organization only becomes that much more important with age.

It is also essential to have planners filled out on a daily basis. This is important because less information is forgotten as it is all conveniently located in the student’s planner. This also aids in the student starting the study process earlier, which will positively impact their grade. At Study Hut, we make sure students make a habit of filling out their planners.

Usually there are two different kinds of students: those striving to get ahead of the average, and those who are slacking behind. We like to try and diagnose the type of student we are dealing with, then give them the advice they need. Each student has an individualized lesson plan; we cater to their needs. We try to keep the students who are striving ahead, the students who are average to become above average and the students slacking behind to become motivated to improve their study habits and eventually increase their grade point average.

Middle school is an excellent time to create good study habits. What is started in middle school is usually maintained in high school and into college. College is of ample importance and it all comes down to what habits are developed while young. Middle school students at The Hut maintain better grades with the help of alumni from the very schools they are attending.

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