You Are Not the Subjects You Study

As a parent, you know that your child is a complex individual, full of surprises.  You know their dreams and aspirations, their fears and dislikes, what influences and what motivates them.  You know that though they may grow bored at school, frustrated with teachers or affected by their peers, that if someone could find the key to tap into your child’s potential they would shine as brightly as they do in your eyes.  It is this uniqueness that we try to cultivate.  There are a few special ingredients that make Study Hut such a sweet place to learn and one of them is that we recognize each student’s individuality.  Tutors are paired students that allow us to foster genuine connections and have a real positive influence.  That’s why we enjoy being tutors.  While many of our tutors can teach multiple subjects, Study Hut takes the time to place students according to their personality and ambitions.  Seeing our students strive for the same goals we’ve have strived for inspires us and we pass this inspiration onto our students.

A real understanding of who your child is also helps us tutor more effectively.  Biology becomes a basketball team, physics becomes skate boarding and statistics becomes the probability the Lakers will win the championship (100%, of course!)  Students are no longer just another face in a sea of students but part of the Study Hut family.  Every child learns differently, and relates differently.  Parents know this for their children; tutors should know this for their students.  We don’t just teach a child, we teach your child.

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