What’s going on in our Newport Beach Office

February 27th, 2014
Here is a blog written by our Manager in the Newport Beach Office named Justine!
Here’s a little blog writeup for what’s going on in Newport:
This week at Study Hut in Newport Beach, many of our students from Newport Harbor High School, Corona del Mar High School, and Sage Hill High School dominated their Final Exams. Erica, who first came to our office with a C in AP Physics, was able to raise her grade to a B+. Go Erica!
Now that Finals are over, don’t relax for too long; SATs are just around the corner.
This Saturday, ten of our students will be riding the SAT wave on March 8th. A shout out goes to our star student Zach, who raised his SAT score by 400 points after February’s test. Fun fact: SAT originally stood for “Scholastic Achievement Test.” Though some students have affectionately nicknamed it the “Stupid A*@ Test,” in 1994, the test was re-named to simply “SAT.”
If the SAT isn’t your cup of tea, please consider the ACT.  Almost every college accepts both tests, and many students prefer one over the other. Several more students are gearing up to take the ACT on April 12th. If you haven’t registered for a test date yet, it’s not too late. Don’t fret if you haven’t prepared, just come in for our free diagnostic test on March 8th to find out where you stand.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

Truly a Superior Hut… A Letter to the Editor

May 10th, 2012


I’m writing in regards to this “Study Hut” organization that I keep hearing so much about. I was told that all four “Huts” were basically the same, so I took the liberty of visiting them myself.

I have found that Hut 1, the Manhattan Beach Study Hut, is clearly, unequivocally superior to the other three, located in Redondo Beach, El Segundo, and Newport. I will now provide several reasons for my conclusion.

• When you walk in to Hut 1, your senses are treated to a comforting mix of botanical delights and earthy hues. The calming décor reminds one of a pleasant island retreat. It’s the most truly Hut-esque, is what I’m saying.
• However, the physical surroundings somehow pale in comparison to the explosion of aesthetic bliss also known as the Hut 1 staff. This is without a doubt the most collectively attractive group of people I have ever encountered.
• Additionally, the kids at Hut 1 are incredibly bright. Their studies range from mathematics, all the way up to calculus, to AP physics, to Chinese. I strolled past one table and heard a student and tutor discussing the complications with Kantian ethics. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered the student was in second grade and was also sporting a monocle. Clearly, this is an organization bursting with class and sophistication.
• When I was walking back to my Rolls, I noticed a tall freckled fellow attempting to grill burgers using nothing but small metal tongs and a pack of matches. I applaud your attempt to remain environmentally friendly.

I think you’ll agree that Hut 1 is simply an Eden. Hut 2, Hut 3, and Hut 4, while their efforts are commendable, simply cannot approach the talent and panache emanating from the original.

Good day,
Lord Rupert Everton