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September 10th, 2018

Are you looking for back to school Newport Beach Tutoring?

Back to school newport beach tutoring

While our local Mater Dei, Sage Hill School, and other local private school students have been back in full swing for several weeks, Labor Day Weekend marks the official end of summer for our Newport-Mesa USD students.  Accordingly, this has been a busy week at Study Hut for students from Corona del Mar, Newport Harbor High School, and Ensign Middle School.

As we see each and every year, the advantages of getting off to an early start are numerous.  There are a lot of students that begin back to school Newport Beach Tutoring at Study Hut on day one because of the many benefits.  The points earned on homework assignments, tests, and quizzes in September are worth just as much as the points earned during Final exams in December and January, so there is no reason for nonchalance.  Quite to the contrary, students who put their best foot forward early and often almost always reap the benefits of being prepared.

That is why top students at Ensign, Newport Harbor, and Corona del Mar have been on the waiting list here at Study Hut Newport Beach for several weeks, and they are now all filing in for their preferred weekly times.  As the semester carries on, these students will have their first-choice days and time slots permanently throughout the year, even if they need to cancel one week for one reason or another.  They will also be entitled to priority booking when it comes to Finals tutoring, which is always our most in-demand time of year.


Whether your son or daughter is in need of single-subject tutoring at Newport Harbor High School in an area like biology or geometry, or he or she needs help across the board as a 7th grader at Ensign with organization, study skills, and exam preparation, we are here to help you at Study Hut Newport Beach with all of the tools and expertise that keep our students coming back year after year.

For appointments, please email sp@studyhut.com

Second Annual Festival of Learning

February 24th, 2016

Second Annual Festival of Learning

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to endorse and support the Newport-Mesa Unified School District’s Second Annual Festival of Learning.  It is right around the corner: Thursday, February 22, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. at Estancia High School.  The Festival will provide Newport-Mesa families and community members with an opportunity to learn more about many of the incredible specialty programs provided by the district.  Among other programs to be highlighted, the Signature Academies and bi-literacy programs are sure to stand out as those that draw featured interest.  The Signature Academies include programs centered on key industry leading careers and areas of study, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).  Study Hut Tutoring encourages and supports these programs and their goals, specifically by working with our current students on projects, assignments, and ideas related to these classes and areas of study.

Flier for Festival

Various Signature Academy programs will take receive spotlight focus during presentations from principals, teachers, and students from Newport Harbor High School, Ensign Middle School, Corona del Mar High School, and Estancia High School, among others.  Programs to be featured include engineering, medical, performing arts, multimedia, construction technology, the Mandarin and Spanish immersion programs, and more, according to the flier.  There will also be hands-on art and technology demonstrations, musical performances, and food for purchase from the Newport Harbor High School Culinary Team.  Study Hut and our team of tutors are particularly excited for this event since it draws in many of the district’s top students.  It is always refreshing to work with and discuss ideas with the area’s best and brightest.  Our math tutors find it extremely refreshing to work with go-getters who are looking to push the limits of their understanding, rather than just trying to get by.  At Study Hut Tutoring, we push our pupils to pursue concepts and content areas that interest them most, as we all know the motivating power than true interest and passion can provide.  Whether it is through the lens of math tutoring, English tutoring, Spanish tutoring, or other subject tutoring in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas, our tutors love students who are as fired up as we are about these topics.

Please check out the following district link for more information.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Newport ACT Tutoring: Game Day

October 28th, 2015

Many of our students from Newport Harbor High School and Corona del Mar High School (especially seniors planning to take the ACT for the final time), have been cramming as much ACT tutoring as possible in this week. While some colleges will accept later test dates, others look at the official October 24th ACT as the final opportunity for serious applicants to show the improvement they have earned (hopefully!) over the past few months of hard work. A few of our students have come in every night since Sunday to take a few last practice sections and make sure that they have their timing down and their strategies set. While this can certainly be a week of anxiety for some students, here at Study Hut we have been training and practicing the same approach over and over again, so our students are typically calm and well prepared for the big day. The mood here at our Newport Beach Study Hut has been rather tranquil given the circumstances.

Newport ACT tutoring

ACT students have been working throughout the summer and the fall with their ACT tutors at Study Hut to attack areas of weakness and to fill in content gaps. We know how to best assess and correct these areas of weakness because our advanced software provides superior analytics. We break down the data from students’ prior practice tests and from their previous official attempts from junior year, and then focus on the specific areas of improvement that the student needs to address. This method is far superior to the approach taken by many students when working alone, and it gives Study Hut students who embrace ACT tutoring a major advantage on “Game Day.” We think this is one of the primary reasons that our popularity has grown so much this year, and also a major driver for our spike in referrals. We are incredibly appreciative of the positive feedback that our ACT tutoring program has received, especially here in Newport Beach among Newport Harbor and Corona del Mar students.

What’s going on in our Newport Beach Office

February 27th, 2014
Here is a blog written by our Manager in the Newport Beach Office named Justine!
Here’s a little blog writeup for what’s going on in Newport:
This week at Study Hut in Newport Beach, many of our students from Newport Harbor High School, Corona del Mar High School, and Sage Hill High School dominated their Final Exams. Erica, who first came to our office with a C in AP Physics, was able to raise her grade to a B+. Go Erica!
Now that Finals are over, don’t relax for too long; SATs are just around the corner.
This Saturday, ten of our students will be riding the SAT wave on March 8th. A shout out goes to our star student Zach, who raised his SAT score by 400 points after February’s test. Fun fact: SAT originally stood for “Scholastic Achievement Test.” Though some students have affectionately nicknamed it the “Stupid A*@ Test,” in 1994, the test was re-named to simply “SAT.”
If the SAT isn’t your cup of tea, please consider the ACT.  Almost every college accepts both tests, and many students prefer one over the other. Several more students are gearing up to take the ACT on April 12th. If you haven’t registered for a test date yet, it’s not too late. Don’t fret if you haven’t prepared, just come in for our free diagnostic test on March 8th to find out where you stand.
May the odds be ever in your favor.